What’s New in Windows 11 version 22H2: Setup

What's New in Windows 11 22H2 setup OOB

Microsoft has tweaked Windows 11 OOBE set up to make it more user-friendly as well as impose Microsoft Account.

  • Windows 11 Setup is very similar to Windows 10 Setup, as you may be aware.
  • A Windows 11-style refresh is included in this year’s OOBE.
  • You can rename your PC during Setup, but you’ll have to reboot your PC if you do so.
  • However, there are two important distinctions.

There are more differences. When you sign in with a Microsoft account in Windows 11 Pro, you have the option of backing up your Desktop, Documents, and Music folders to OneDrive, but you may opt-out of this feature by selecting the “Only save files to this PC” link. Windows 11 Home, on the other hand, does not provide you with the option of backing up any of your files.

Setup in Windows 11 version 22H2 has a few minor tweaks compared to the previous version, 21H2. Most of the issues are minor, but one, in particular, will annoy power users.

Here, we’ll show you a side-by-side comparison of Windows 11 version 21H2 and Windows 11 version 22H2.

Getting Started. Instead of 22H1’s purple background, one screen in Setup has a black background. At boot time, a Windows 11-style solid progress circle replaces the old Windows 10-style dotted circle animation. There is a strange reversion to the animated circle of dots later on in “Just a moment.” The tiniest details can have a big impact.) Both of them have little effect on how easy it is to use Setup.

You’ll notice a number of other modifications as soon as the OOBE begins:

A few minor visual tweaks. Some (but not all) of the graphics in the OOBE have changed between 22H1 and 22H2, although this is by no means a comprehensive list. Is the keyboard layout or input technique you’re using correct? This is the screen seen here:

Changes have been made to the menu for those with disabilities. Setup’s Accessibility menu may be found by clicking the little Accessibility icon in the lower right corner of each OOBE screen, just like the lock screen in Windows 11 22H2. Microsoft’s former Windows 10 visual style was used in 21H2.

Does this country meet your needs? Although your nation (“United States”) still auto-selects on the initial OOBE screen, it is now the first country listed in 22H2 (and is thus artificially out of alphabetical order). The United States of America was chosen in 21H2 and arranged in the list in the correct alphabetical sequence.

Utilize the services of a Microsoft account to log in. Before the “Let’s add your Microsoft account” prompt from 22H1, this new screen occurs. It’s useless and instead promotes Microsoft’s decision to require users to check in to both Windows 11 Home and Pro with a Microsoft account. Choosing between a personal and a work/school account is still an option in Windows 11 Pro.)

Come on, let’s link your Microsoft account! (Windows 11 Pro only). This is a major deal. A “Sign in options” link in the “Let’s add your Microsoft account” box in Windows 11 Pro version 21H2 allowed you to select an “Offline account,” which is a local account. The lack of this option in Windows 11 Home and Pro 22H2 is due to Microsoft’s insistence on requiring a Microsoft account for personal use.

Welcome back! From this screen, you can either restore your previous PC’s settings and OneDrive files or start fresh with this PC. Between 21H2 to 22H2, it hasn’t changed what it looks like. After you entered your PIN in Windows 11 version 21H2, the message “Welcome back” appeared. Before then, it appears in 22H2. So why don’t I know?

Configure your device’s privacy settings. On the other hand, there is one little modification at the end of all the privacy-related language on this screen. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen and the associated data transfers and uses are discussed in detail in 21H2 under the heading “Select Learn more.” “Select Learn more for information about the aforementioned options, how Windows helps protect you against harmful programs and web content, and the related data transfers and uses.”

Your Android phone may be used from a computer. You may now set up an Android smartphone to function with the Phone Link app via this new screen. Your Microsoft account and OneDrive appear before this phrase, which is correct.

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