[Microsoft Word] Count characters & words

How to Count the number of characters & words in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office seems to change a lot of things in every new release. Especially from 2003 to 2007, there was a major change in user interface. Classic interface was replaced by new modern ribbon style. After this, Office 2010, 365, 2013, 2016 and 2019 are awesome versions that changed MS Office to an enterprise standard document, presentation and web solution suite. Almost everyone can find helpful tool for his/her work and business. Being a professional writer, there are sometimes restrictions or recommendations to follow a certain limit of character, words, paragraphs, lines and pages number.

In previous versions, these counting tasks very simple and majority of people was familiar with that. But in new versions, it has gone behind beauty of interface and ease of usage. Actually the new style is much more easy and faster to access. You just have to get familiar with it and need to know some tips and tricks about Microsoft Office with us. Let’s find out how are options to count words and characters in Word.

MS Word Count Characters, Words, Paragraphs, Lines & Pages

Well, it is very easy tutorial. Nothing here to go in complications. Everything is before your eyes and you just have to push buttons to see all information about words or text.

Type some text that you want to count. If you want to count a chunk of text from a document/page then select that text.

While you type or select the text, you can see a real-time word counter below the page on status bar. However, it only show words count.

In order to see details about selected text, click on words counter on status bar. A dialog box will open with word count summary including number of pages, characters, words, lines, paragraphs etc.

Really simple. Isn’t it? Hopefully it will help you experience more power with all statistics about the text.

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