Find and Delete All Empty Folders in Windows

How to Find and Delete All Empty Folders in Windows in a One Go?

Sometimes with usage of computer, we gather many empty folders in different drives and even in Windows folder. This may occur due to some of following reasons:

  • Temporary files: these folders are created for some temporary usage and after task is accomplished, the files are deleted but folder remains there.
  • Windows own operations: Windows may create and modify different tasks and operations. Most of these are created with Windows installation. But usually not used in future.
  • Uninstallation of a software: When you uninstall a software, all files are deleted but the main or some other folders remain undeleted.
  • You create an empty folder and forget to delete it.

Though empty folders don’t occupy considerable space on disk but

they may disturb you while navigation through file system. Moreover, it’s good habit to keep your computer’s hard disk free from unwanted empty directories.

Okay, we learned about what are empty folders, how these are created and why should you get rid of them. Let’s see how to remove these useless directories.

How to Remove All Empty Folders in a Few Clicks?

Finding and deleting empty folders is time as well as energy consuming process. Additionally, there are chances that you may skip some of them. So there should be some trick to search and delete all empty folders at once. Well, we might discover some clever trick to do this. But why bother with such methods when you can do this with some software. Fortunately, there are plenty of good programs that can find and remove such empty directories. Some of them are absolutely free! Let’s try one of the best free tool, known as “RED” that actually stands for “Remove Empty Directories”. It’s usage is as simple as it’s name.

  1. First of all you need to download it from Here.
  2. Install this software and open it.
  3. A window will appear with simple interface, divided into a few sections.
  4. On the top, there is an option that allows you choose a directory to scan. Click the “Browse” button and select drive, folder or sub-folder.
  5. After selecting directory, click on “Scan folders” button. The process will begin and it will take a few seconds or minutes to complete, depending on size and structure of directories.
  6. On completion, a detailed directory tree view will be shown. You can examine empty folders. There are some icon descriptions that help you determine folder type such as Root, empty, hidden, locked, failure, protected or deleted folders. It tells you the type of folders and the possible allowed operations that can be performed on them.
  1. When you are satisfied with folders to be deleted, click on “Delete folders” button. All of the removable empty folders will be deleted in seconds.

Congrats! You have a clean computer. You can run this utility to clean-up file system from junk folders once a week or month, depending on usage. You can customize the program and its behavior from “Settings” tab, next to main “Scan” tab.

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