FIX: You can’t keep Windows settings personal files and apps

When upgrading to Windows 10, in most cases you can keep your files and apps and move them to Windows 10.
Unfortunately, when upgrading to Windows 10, some users reported “failing to save Windows settings, data, and apps”. This can be a big problem, but a real effort. Here’s how to fix it.

According to users, there are times when your registry settings are unable to save the personal settings of Windows files and application messages.

Many users said that they have moved the directory of program files, which is causing this problem. However, how can you even fix the problem:

Press Windows Key + R and enter regedit. Press Enter or click OK.
In the left pane, navigate to
ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion. In the right pane, search for ProgramFireDire, Program FileDire (x86), ProgramFiles, and Program 6464Dire. Review data values ​​for these rows. If you have moved the directory of the programs, the values ​​should look like this: X: Programs. To fix this, open each of these lines and change the drive letter to C.


Check the location of the user account directory

When trying to install a newer version of Windows, you may receive an error message Unable to save Windows personal settings and settings files. This could be an error if your user account was recently transferred.

When installing a newer version of Windows, you must have a backup of your files in your user account. If this directory has been moved or is missing, you cannot update it and you will have this problem.

However, you can fix this problem by moving your accounts directory to the C: User folder on your computer. After doing so, you should be able to update with no problems.


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