FIX: Your account settings are out of date in Windows 10 Mail app

Windows 10 (Phone) is a very annoying bug with the Mail app that I encounter regularly. Although I haven’t changed all the settings, I get an error message, your account settings are out of date. Unfortunately, re-entering my mailbox data did not solve the error. Here are some ideas to help you resolve the issue.

When does the error occur?

It will not be difficult to reproduce it, however, immediately after the update of a new system. But other than that, it only happens in the middle, whether your Windows computer or smartphone has not been modified.
It looks like the email provider is influencing these errors. With direct accounts, the problem has never been experienced. The error that can easily get your claim denied is to not succeed. Gmail or Yahoo will cause problems.

Set the time and date to automatic/manual

The major cause of anxiety may be the time or date on your digestive system. Maybe you were abroad and forgot to customize the time zone again. Your computer/smartphone may not have changed the times correctly. The result is a malfunction between the mailbox and the device.
Proceed as follows:


  1. Navigate to the settings
  2. Click Time and Language> Date and Time
  3. Turn on the “Automatically set this time” and “Automatically set date” options.
  4. Make sure both are true
  5. Restart your device
  6. After the restart, the error could already be resolved. You will probably be asked to re-enter your email account information.

Refresh the PC

  • Go to settings
  • Click Update and Security> Recovery
  • Reset this PC
  • Determine whether you want to keep your files (later rearranged to factory settings)
    Confirms entry and waits for the process to be completed (may take an hour or more)

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