Full Fix: Windows 10 Build Freezes on Login

Full Fix: Windows 10 Build Freezes on Login

In addition to some great new features and improvements, sure Windows 10 update also brings more problems and headaches for users. For example, many users reported that their Windows 10 OS freezes at login. The most common cause for this error is obsolete hardware, specific antivirus settings, mix application startup, or even updates problematic.

If you encounter one of the examples mentioned above, check the solutions below, try them one by one until access to the OS is restored.

How do I fix Windows 10 freezing at login?

Update drivers and check compatibility

If you are using an older device, it is possible that some drivers for your components are outdated or may not be compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

To know if you are on the right driver, go to Windows Update and Security Center to see if there are new updates for your system.

Also, you can manually check your driver in Device Manager, or downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s site.

Although it seems unlikely, the newer version of the driver is also able to give you a headache. If that happens, you have to roll them back to a compatible version. To check whether your new driver is fine, do the following:

  • Boot Windows in Safe Mode.
  • Go to the Command Prompt and enter the following line
  • Here, you have to check the drivers for the following devices
  • Audio cards (shown below Sound, Video and Game Controllers in the Device Manager)
  • We also strongly advise DriverFix, a third-party tool that will help you with the same thing.
  • One of the causes why you should consider using a unique tool, is to avoid permanent damage to your computer by downloading the wrong driver version manually.
    There are only three easy steps to update your driver safely:
  • Download and install DriverFix.
  • Scanning your system.
  • Check the actions suggested by DriverFx (in terms of obsolete drivers and software are recommended).

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