Microsoft Clarifies: Windows 11 23H2 Update Isn’t Arriving Next Week.

Earlier this week, Microsoft made headlines with the announcement of the launch of its Copilot AI in Windows 11, set to happen with an update next week. However, it’s essential to clarify that this isn’t the long-awaited 23H2 update.

The following week’s update is indeed significant for Windows 11, but it is not the annual update scheduled for 2023. Microsoft made this clarification following the Copilot announcement.

The Copilot update is scheduled to roll out on September 26, but it will “later be included in Windows 11, version 23H2, the annual feature update for Windows 11.”

However, users should not expect the 23H2 update until the fourth quarter of 2023, meaning it won’t start to roll out until October at the earliest and possibly even later.

This clarification is crucial for users who may have assumed that the big update announced for next week was the 23H2 update. While it’s not, Copilot promises to be a substantial change to Windows 11, making it easy to understand how the confusion arose.

Users who have opted for the latest updates for Windows 11 as soon as they become available can look forward to Copilot arriving next week. The initial impressions of Copilot have been positive, indicating exciting changes for Windows 11 users.

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