Microsoft Reverts OneDrive Photo Storage Policy Following User Feedback

OneDrive settings Windows 11

In response to user feedback, Microsoft has significantly reversed its OneDrive photo storage policy. The company had initially announced its intention to alter the way OneDrive photos and photo albums data counted against users’ overall cloud storage limit. This change involved incorporating Outlook attachments and inline images into the 5GB storage quota and was scheduled to go into effect on October 16, 2023.

However, this modification resulted in challenges for some users who encountered issues sending and receiving emails due to exceeding their storage limits.

In light of the feedback received from its user community, Microsoft has decided not to proceed with the proposed update. Consequently, the current photo album experience on OneDrive will remain unchanged.

Starting from February 1, 2023, Microsoft 365 apps and services will begin utilizing cloud storage for storing attachments and OneDrive data. This shift is designed to ensure a smoother user experience.

Microsoft promptly communicated these changes to its users via email, as reported by The communication explained that data from photos saved in the Gallery and albums will now be counted separately from the total storage quota.

Moreover, Microsoft will gradually introduce adjustments to display users’ cloud storage quota in app settings, Windows settings, and Microsoft accounts, beginning on February 1, 2023. If users do not immediately see the new storage experience in their settings, they need not be concerned, as it will become available over the coming weeks.

This update underscores Microsoft’s commitment to addressing user concerns and ensuring a seamless OneDrive experience. By reconsidering its plan to double-count photos in OneDrive storage, Microsoft aims to provide its users with a storage solution that better aligns with their needs and expectations.

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