OneDrive integration in Windows 11 preview is now more robust

OneDrive settings Windows 11

The OneDrive integration in the Windows 11 preview release has been much enhanced.

  • The Dev Channel now has Windows 11 Build 25145, which includes a few bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Build 25145, for example, makes OneDrive and Settings more tightly integrated.
  • Furthermore, it includes a new Local Administrator Password Solution and improves the Narrator Braille driver support in this release.

Members of the Dev Channel are the only ones who can access these new features. Windows 11 Build 25145 includes the Braille Driver Solution, according to the release notes. According to Microsoft, Narrator and third-party screen readers will now perform better with Braille devices since the narrator will automatically swap Braille drivers.

The first step is to uninstall Narrator’s current braille support if it is already installed by accessing the settings menu and selecting Apps > Optional Features > Installed Features. After searching for Accessibility and expanding the option that allows you to read Braille, delete the feature from the Installed Features area.

As soon as it’s been removed, you can go to your system’s accessibility settings and download braille. Use the available drivers by going to the settings menu, selecting “accessibility,” then selecting “narrator,” then selecting “braille.”

New features in the latest Windows 11 Build 25145?

OneDrive integration has been improved in Windows 11 Build 25145. Microsoft has been working on OneDrive integration for Windows 11 22H2 for some time now. OneDrive can already be set as the default folder in File Explorer, making it simple to access papers and other things saved there.

Accounts in Settings now include a subscription management feature for OneDrive subscriptions. On the Accounts tab, you’ll see the OneDrive Standalone 100GB subscriptions, which allow you to see your current cloud storage usage, recurring billing, payment method, and other information.

You’ll get OneDrive notifications in the Windows Settings app because the cloud storage service is integrated within the app. This occurs when your OneDrive storage is nearing or beyond its maximum capacity. On the Account settings page, a banner informs you of your OneDrive storage consumption.

Other OneDrive-related enhancements, as noted at the outset, will be included in Windows 11. OneDrive folders, for example, can be added to the File Explorer sidebar directly. For File Explorer, you may also choose to make OneDrive the default “homepage.” It’s a convenient way to quickly access items saved in the cloud.

Although these new integrations are not assured to be included in the next major Windows 11 update, there is a good probability that these improvements will be included in a cumulative update in the near future.

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