Remote Access: Keeps You Staying Connected with Your Devices

Description: To connected with your remote devices from anywhere, remote access software can be helpful!

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What can remote access bring?

Nowadays, much of our work is done with the help of computers. However, we’re not always sitting in front of the work PCs and it is inconvenient take the computers with us, especially when the work device is a heavy desktop rather than a laptop. Then, how can complete our work when we are far away from the PC?

Fortunately, remote access can help us out of the trouble. Whether you are staying at home or during a business trip, you can connect to the remote computer from your local device and then use the computer apps and files related to your work. Of course, to complete the task, a good remote access app is necessary. 

Fast and trusted remote access software: AnyViewer

If you are fed up with slow Windows remote desktop and complicated port forwarding setting, then why not switch to a quick and secure remote desktop software – AnyViewer? It stands out from the crowds because of its intuitive interface, instant connection, stable performance and rich features.

  • Unattended remote access: The tool allows you to access an unattended remote computer easily with two methods: security code and one-click remote control with the help of the one on the other end. 
  • Attended remote access: If your client needs your help instantly, he/she can share the device ID to you and you can send remote control request. After the request is allowed, you can control the machine and offer support.
  • File transfer management: You can start file transfer from the remote PC to your local device and vice versa on the File Transfer window. A single large file and multiple files transfer are supported. 
  • Chat window: Once the remote connection is built, you and the one on the other end can communicate without obstacles with the Chat window. 
  • Essential programs shortcuts: On the controller window, click Operations, and you can see the shortcuts of many important apps, including Security Options (Ctrl+ Alt+ Del), Lock computer and so on. 
  • Mobile device supported: AnyViewer has developed mobile clients for Android and iOS devices. Thus, you can keep connected with your remote PC from a portable iPhone/iPad or Android device. 

What’s more, it release free version for personal use. The free version can satisfy most demands of common use. The limits of the free version is: The max number of assigned devices is 3 and privacy mode access, high-speed file transfer and high-quality image are exclusive to Professional and Enterprise version. 

[Tutorial] How to use AnyViewer to remote into a computer

The detailed steps on how to use AnyViewer are offered even though it’s ultra simple to use the tool. 

If you want to start unattended remote access, after run AnyViewer on both devices, you need to create an AnyViewer account and both devices should log into and are assigned to the account. 

Note: By default, once the device logged into an account, it will be assigned to the account. If the number of assigned devices has up to the max number, you need to unassign old device and then assign the new device. 

After logged into the two devices, on your local device, go to Device, locate the to-be-connected PC, click it and click One-click control. Within few seconds, you can see the screen of the PC on the other end and use it. 

If you need to start attended remote access, you need to create an AnyViewer account and log into it on your account. The one on the other end needs to share the device ID (it is displayed on the AnyViewer main interface) of the remote PC with you. 

Then, you need to input the device ID, choose Remote control and click Connect. Then, choose to Send a request to your partner

The other one needs to accept the request and he/she change authorized rights by checking/unchecking Allows to control the mouse and keyboard


Remote access software makes your work and life more convenient and more effective. If you are interested in such a tool, don’t hesitate to download it and enjoy the benefits of remote access. 

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