Sea of Thieves PvP in Season 8 will bring big changes

Sea of Thieves PvP in Season 8 will bring big changes

There will be significant alterations to Sea of Thieves competitive mode in the upcoming eighth season. Submerge yourself in the ocean and rise up ready for combat!

  • New materials for the ongoing pirate sandbox are almost ready for release.
  • Sea of Thieves Season 8 premieres on November 22, 2022.
  • PvP on demand and other improvements are planned in the following season.

Rare’s innovative online multiplayer game, Sea of Thieves, is about to release new holiday-themed content.

Scheduled for release on all Xbox platforms and Windows PCs on November 22, 2022, Season 8 of Sea of Thieves will introduce a brand new method of PvP fighting.

Fans of PvP will rejoice with the addition of on-demand combat, but even those who have complained about the randomness of Sea of Thieves should enjoy the new features.

In Season 8 of Sea of Thieves, the Hourglass of Fate may be found in the Captain’s Quarters and grants players the ability to take part in PVP engagements.

You can choose to side with either the Alliance or the Rebellion, and if you want to participate in PVP matchmaking, your ship will be thrown into the ocean to find other players.

After a compatible partner has been found, you will emerge from the water and make a beeline for an opposing vessel. The current overview video is a stunning demonstration of the system’s apparent drama and seamlessness.

It’s important to remember that these PVP encounters still take place in the public, shared open world, so anyone is welcome to drop in and join the mayhem.

The Hourglass of Fate also incentivizes rivalry by rewarding players with gold based on their loyalty. The sands in your hourglass will grow longer whether you serve the Guardians of Fortune or the Servants of the Flame.

Eventually, that expansion will materialize as a huge target on your back, visible to all ships on the charts.

The addition of player-versus-player combat on demand is sure to be beneficial to Sea of Thieves as a whole.

When playing, some people only want to go on treasure hunts, while others want to fight and sink other adventurers.

Matchmaking for player-versus-player combat in limited spaces is sure to satisfy the bloodlust of pirates.

Season 8 of Sea of Thieves adds PVP matchmaking, new cosmetic items, and further advancement.

There are two factions in the game, the Guardians of Fortune and the Servants of the Flame, where players can gain 100 notoriety.

Extraordinary cosmetic options, such as the ability to transform into a spectral phantom or imposing skeleton, are also available to Pirate Legends and players who have reached rank 75 in the Reaper’s Bones faction.

Renown, the in-game currency used to buy things like clothes, ship components, weapons, and more, has also been increased by 100 levels for Season 8.

The premium Plunder Pass costs 1000 Ancient Coins, therefore players who reach level 100 in Renown will get back about the same amount.

Overall, it looks like this season of one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass will be fantastic.

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