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Avast Internet Security is one among very top named antivirus programs located on the web. It's an smart and reliable software to defend your computer or laptop from malware and virus problems. Avast Internet Security has risen to one of the finest antivirus brand names.

Download Avast Internet Security – Windows 10 version Free | Latest Avast Internet Security  for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)


Avast Internet Security for Windows 10 Description

Download Latest version of Avast Internet Security for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of Avast Internet Security (64 bit & 32 bit).

Avast is probably the most used antivirus suite on PC. It is best known and liked for its simple to use user interface (UI) and up to date engine.

Avast Internet Security Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Get the Full Offline Installer Standalone Setup of Avast Internet Security with Direct Download Link.

Avast Internet Security Review

Avast Internet Security is one among very top named antivirus programs located on the web. It’s an smart and reliable software to defend your computer or laptop from malware and virus problems. Avast Internet Security has risen to one of the finest antivirus brand names. The quantity of its users is multiplying each and every minute. Avast Antivirus Free is preferred because of its features, especially easy to use UI (user interface) that is as understandable as a child’s play.

Simple and convenient User Interface

Avast Internet Security possesses very clean and intuitive user interface. Options are split into panes. The proportion of the tools within these sections is intelligently ordered for pretty fast access. Additionally, links and buttons are well-ordered. The all around design is easy on eyes and mind.

Efficient Protection

Viruses and threats are developing, but Avast Internet Security is a stiff shield against these types of hazards. Real-time scan ensures greatest protection to your system.

Regular Updates

The tendency of online regular updates is now well known. New updates from official database server guarantees protection against new-born viruses the moment that danger is spotted either by official resources or some user has found a suspected activity on his/her computer system. These updates are downloaded and installed automatically to the user computer system. This auto update behavior can be customized to manual if the user wishes so.

Avast Awesome Network

Avast is very proud of its vast volunteer community. You can join it and inquire if you are dealing with some trouble with their program. You can add up to that well developed community and play your role at the community forum. The developers uncover its fix and include it with database for upcoming update.

Web browser Add-on

Web browser add-on even improves the security challenges in browsers. Based on user confidence and some kind of special algorithmic rule, this ad-on tells you about the safety of that website, called web site recognition. Formally, this ad-on / extension has got to collect some info from online database servers so besides normal browsing, it eats additional budget. Browser extension is additionally featured with cookies and social tracking blocking. It makes your browsing as protected as possible.

Easy to Manage Scan

Beyond the minimalist user interface, Avast Internet Security has an wise choice of places to examine and clean. The adjustable and versatile selection allows you to pick the form of system scan which meets your needs in that specific situation. Quick scan cleans essential files and places on your pc. Full system scan permits full scan of your computer including system, local and removable drives. Removabe disk scan is significantly demanded now a days, that is exactly why this feature is also available for scanning memory cards, USB flash disks and other portable media. Individual folder scanning is also accessible in scanning options. Right-click context menu integration is also available for even easier access to files and folder either single or group selection. When completed, the scanned files will be cleaned by the correct actions.

Boot Scan

Boot-time scan is yet another helpful option, especially for computer geeks. Picking this method will restart your pc in MS-DOS (command-line) mode and the scanning begins automatically. After scan has accomplished, an in depth document is produced. You can watch it to search out what virus was causing issue to your pc.

Enhanced Speed

The new version of Avast Antivirus has improved speed with efficient and reasonable scan engine. The optimized scan engine can scan text contents ten times quicker and EXE files around two times faster than earlier versions. Fine tuned memory utilization means less load on computer resources and faster results.

Safe Zone

Avast SafeZone is a great tool if you want to secure online transfers and banking. It makes pretty sure that your transactions are carried out safely and saves from scam.

Silent Firewall

Hackers are forever focused in robbing personal and precious data. Your priceless private data can be used against you that could gravely hurt you, actually or on an emotional level. No more worries needed, Avast Silent Firewall can be your best pal to safeguard you from such scams and hacks to protect your privacy online.


Login accounts hacking is wide spreading these days, using Phishing. People create bogus but duplicate sites to obtain passwords along with other private information by unethical methods. Some e-mails scripts also can affect the protection of your e-mail or social accounts. Anti-Spam filter screens and cautions you whenever you make an effort to open a suspected website.

Avast Internet Security Features

Here is a highlight of some remarkable features which you will be able to enjoy after Avast Internet Security 12.2.2276 2016 free download.

  • Simple and intuitive UI
  • Excellent Defense
  • Continuous Updates
  • Avast Community
  • Web browser Extension
  • Customizable Scan
  • System Start-Time Scan
  • Smoother Speed
  • Safe Zone
  • Silent Security System
  • Spam Prevention Shield

Download Avast Internet Security

In the market of PC security protection software, Avast Internet Security is surely the top ranked hero. It’s mainly intended to safeguard your privacy, both offline and online. According to several experimental results, it’s comparatively faster and consumes less system resources than its peers. The Internet Security version is certainly not free, obviously, yet there is a trial version available for free of charge for trial period. The trial version is completely functional. However, the trial version may be used for only limited time, usually a couple of weeks or more. After using trial version, you’ll definitely like to order the full version for maximum security for your home or business requirements.

You are strongly recommended to check out this suite if you are serious with your privacy and data security. It is the best software around for both online and offline security.

Download Avast Internet Security for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)

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