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Brave is a secure, seriously secure browser. It mainly focuses on security and privacy. It blocks ads and trackers better than others.

Brave is a secure, seriously secure browser. It mainly focuses on security and privacy. It blocks ads and trackers better than others.

Its private browsing mode offers “Private tab with Tor”. This feature makes Brave browser different and truly private.

The mission behind this browser is make the browsing absolutely private. Almost every website tracks users data and use it for either their advantage or handover to data hungry monsters like search engines and other gigantic agencies.

Most of users might not take it seriously but just think somebody is watching you constantly whenever you go out of your home and keeps watching you until you enter your home. The person watching at you neither harms you nor says anything to you, but just watches and writes something on a notebook. How will you feel? What would be your reaction to that person for such annoying actions?

That is something like web tracking companies have eyes on you all time during your browsing. If you still do not care then Brave browser is not built for you. But you should absolutely care about your privacy because privacy is your right.

Features of Brave Browser

Here are some major features of this armed browser:

Faster than Chrome (and Firefox)

Brave claims to be 2x faster than Chrome and Firefox on desktop. It sounds fantastic but these statistics are limited to some sites, not all. Honestly, 2x faster than Chrome means a revolution. If it was true for all web, Chrome would have been thrown in dust bin. But Chrome is still unbeatable.

Sorry Brave, but that is reality.

Block unwanted content

Brave browser speeds up your browsing experience by blocking unwanted content. It says that users waste a considerable amount of data everyday due to downloading of unwanted content. People do not download this content themselves but such content is automatically downloaded to their computer automatically. Such content includes advertisements and trackers.

Unwanted data download means waste of data. This waste of data results in waste of money you spend on data bills.

Native Ad blocker

If you know a little bit about software engineering and development, you might know the difference between native feature and plugged feature. Native feature actually is more compatible with the software and more efficient as compared to plugins or extensions. That is why Brave has a built-in Ad blocker.

Ads can be helpful sometimes, but most of times ads are disturbing and make page heavier to load. Ads increase the size of page too. It means more data usage which ultimately results in waste of data and money.

Truly private browsing

All cats can not run faster as cheetah and all browser are not truly private as Brave browser. It is probably most private browser which keeps unwanted eyes away from recording your browsing behavior.

When it comes to freedom and privacy, Brave is the champ! It is built with Chromium engine, the same software used in Google Chrome and Opera browser. Therefore, it has similar user interface and performance like Chrome, but with extra layers of privacy and security.

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