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Piriform’s CCleaner is a powerful yet handy tool to keep your computer junk free and healthy. It was first launched in 2003. According to raw estimates, it claims to have more than 1 billion downloads till now.

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CCleaner for Windows 10 Description

Download Latest version of CCleaner for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of CCleaner (64 bit & 32 bit).

Junk data and temporary Internet files had been bothered the users a lot in past. But now all that useless dirty waste will not find a safe residence in your disk. This wonderful application is a sort of one click trash cleaner. It only takes a few seconds to erase all old and useless temporary files from disk.

CCleaner Review

Piriform’s CCleaner is a powerful yet handy tool to keep your computer junk free and healthy. It was first launched in 2003. According to raw estimates, it claims to have more than 1 billion downloads till now.

If you are observing your computer not performing its best as it should or wondered that how to remove various junk and temporary files from different location?

Well, you can delete temporary files manually. But most of you will think that there is risk that you may accidently delete those files which are needed by applications. It can cause your running or installed applications behave abnormal. Surely we don’t want this happen ever. Here this freeware smart tool comes to scene and shows the magic.

CCleaner is freeware application but it has a pro version packed with additional features like update automatically etc. This is purposed for business and enterprise use. So if you are serious with it, go ahead and grab a professional copy of CCleaner.

Features highlights:

One Click Cleaner

You can clean all your (default or customized) junk files with just one click. There is an “Analyze” option button if you want to just scan and know how much space can be free after cleaning up temporary files. Then if you are happy with deleting that stuff then press “Run Cleaner”.

One Click Registry Repair

Registry cleaner is efficient, fast and reliable. It scans for issues in just a few seconds and enables you to fix issues. Issues are listed and can be marked or unmarked to make selection. The selected items will be repaired. Moreover, there is an option to backup changes of registry before you continue. It will be good idea to backup your registry before fix is made. It ensures that you can revert back if some problem happens. Every issue is explained with a fair description; you can read that and decide either that problem matters to you or let it remain there as it is.

Uninstall Manager

CCleaner uninstall manager works just like Windows Add/Remove program. An extra feature enables you to uninstall multiple programs same time (unlike Windows default uninstaller that permits only one uninstall at a time). Besides uninstall, you can get advantage of real time search for the program to uninstall from the list. That’s cool. Rename and Delete the entry options are also available for your convenience.

Startup Applications Manager

Speed up your Windows startup with CCleaner Startup manager. All startup programs are listed and you can enable or disable any of them just by selecting and pressing Enable or Disable button on right pane. Entries can also be deleted by pressing Delete button. Not only this, but you will be pleased to see that there are not only Windows startup application manager but third party application’s startup can also be managed. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Scheduled Tasks, Context Menu and some other stuff’s start up controls and extensions can be managed. You can utilize this to enhance browser startup speed.

Duplicate File Finder

File Finder searches for duplicate files on your computer. It can free up some extra disk space and help you to maintain more clean files management. Search can be set by matching file names, size or modified date. Items can be ignored that on basis of different attribute like zero byte size, system files, read only files, hidden items or custom file size that are under user defined size. There is also option to include and exclude drives. If fact these features can make the search more selective and customized.

System Restore

System restore is a Windows utility that enables you to restore the Windows to a previous date or event. Here, events don’t mean some festival but it is system event, like installation of some software, windows update took place etc. Sometimes new software can crash your computer or cause other problems that can slow down computer speed or cause confliction etc.

Driver Wiper

Do you rely on formatting your disks? Do you think that only formatting your disk can remove everything and you are totally safe? If you do, here is something you really need to know about security measures and to protect your personal stuff. Formatting only cannot secure you 100%. Hackers (even intermediate computer users) can retrieve deleted data and information. So it will be intelligent step to wipe your drive even if you have formatted it completely. CCleaner Driver Wiper empowers you to wipe free space only or entire disk (this can erase all data on your selected disk drive). You can choose one of the given security methods including simple overwrite, advance, complex and very complex overwrite. Choose one according to sensitivity of your data. Select drive(s) you want to wipe and press wipe button. The process will start. Generally it goes slow but security comes prior to anything else.

You viewed some of the major features of CCleaner. If you like, you can play with more advanced options like include or exclude the websites that you want or don’t want to delete cookies. The same feature is available for temporary files and folders. You can make choice what to clean and what to exclude from temporary cleaning process.

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