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DAEMON Tools for Windows 10 Description

Download Latest version of DAEMON Tools for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of DAEMON Tools (64 bit & 32 bit).

DAEMON Tools Review

Daemon Tools lets you create and manage virtual drives, virtual CD/DVD drive and disc authoring. It is available for Windows and MAC OS. Daemon Tools has risen from the ashes of Generic SafeDisc emulator, a former software of same type. It contains almost all features of SafeDisc emulator plus extra useful features. The features of Daemon Tools make it superior to other clone disk emulators and applications of this category. Daemon Tools allows you to create a disk copy with advanced protection and security mechanism such as SafeDisk, LaserLock, SecuRom, CDCOPS, StarForce and Protect CD. Some of these protection is used with digital game discs for better distribution. The primary feature of Daemon Tools has been mounting virtual CD/DVD disks. I had used Daemon Tools first when I had been struggling to run TEKKEN 3 without CD on my PENTIUM II PC. It was early 2000’s as far as I remember. I did not like to keep TEKKEN 3 game CD always loaded in CD-ROM drive as it could depreciate CD-ROM drive (according to a general thought at that time). I struggled for months to find a solution to run TEKKEN 3 without CD, but every tip every trick failed. Then one day, by chance, I found Daemon Tools in a CD package. I thought it of some interesting game or adventure. After that, good things stated to happen and I really do not remember exactly how God leaded me to success. It was a very joyful moment when I found myself playing Tekken3 and PepsiMan as well as some other superb games without CD. I still feel the excitement even after years.

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