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Microsoft Edge (now based on Chromium Engine) is a new flexible and user friendly Web Browser from Microsoft. Get all extension from Chrome Store in Edge. It is super fast and available for Windows 10 by default (once it becomes stable), Windows 8, Windows 7 and Mac, as well.

Well, a successor of Internet Explorer, developed by Microsoft, pre-installed in Windows 10, powered and advertised by Microsoft in Bing search and Windows 10, of course. The same strategy like Google advertised and pushed Chrome. It becomes even more powerful with Windows 10 installation and suggestion to use Microsoft Edge by Windows OS.

Besides this, Microsoft Edge is a powerful, faster and reliable web browser for Windows 10. It has very limited browser extensions (addons) but very powerful solid core engine which is capable to compete with Firefox and Chrome.

In some statistics shown by Microsoft, Edge browser is less battery consuming, faster and secure than both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Edge is only available for Windows 10. It is not available for Windows 8, Windows 7 or earlier versions like Windows XP and Win 9x.

New Edge Browser

Microsoft has decided to change its browser engine to most popular Chromium engine. This is the backbone of most popular Google Chrome browser and also adopted by Opera Browser. Besides these two major browser, there are lots of web browser based on Chromium engine.

This sounds great and it will make MS Edge more popular than ever before. Microsoft Edge has been ranked as 4th or 5th most popular browser for Windows. Chrome is unbeatable (still) and Firefox has been losing its loyal users due to non-user friendly features to boast its privacy and nothing else. Edge is trying to beat Firefox, first. And it seems possible enough because Edge has more useful features and now the best backbone software.

Edge vs Chrome (what to expect in future)

Edge has one biggest advantage over Chrome; it is powered by Microsoft, the Windows developer. That is why Edge comes pre-installed in Windows 10. If Microsoft is capable to fulfill user demand and focus more on user friendly environment rather than brutal security and and annoying privacy pop-ups, it can beat Chrome in a short time.

On the other hand, if Microsoft proves itself stubborn browser developer (just like Firefox) who does not care user demands but only security, privacy and all nonsense that annoy users while browsing, then it might not have a different future than Internet Explorer (the browser of stone ages).

Microsoft (and Mozilla, too) should learn from Google Chrome. No matter how much you criticize Chrome for privacy and security, it is still much much more secure than so called privacy monsters which have already been manipulated by Google on Google’s home page. Remember when you open Google homepage on Internet Explorer or Firefox, a suggestion box appeared to convince you get a better and faster web browser? That is the level of security and privacy.

The point to mention is users need ease of use and distraction-free browser, do not annoy them with your security restrictions.

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