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Do you think this tiny antivirus is nothing in front of big dogs in the town like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky and finally Bitdefender? SmadAV is a flat smashing slap for them! Seriously; Test it yourself!
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Download SmadAV – Windows 10 version Free | Latest SmadAV for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)


SmadAV  for Windows 10 Description

Download Latest version of SmadAV for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of SmadAV (64 bit & 32 bit).

Do you think this tiny antivirus is nothing in front of big dogs in the town like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky and finally Bitdefender? SmadAV is a flat smashing slap for them! Seriously; Test it yourself!

SmadAV Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Get the Full Offline Installer Standalone Setup of SmadAV  with Direct Download Link.

SmadAV Review

SmadAV is basically a USB Antivirus as well as an additional protection layer for your PC. It doesn’t boast to offer an industry class ultimate protection but it protects your PC together with an existing antivirus and internet security suite. It does not conflict with your existing antivirus program that you have already installed. So you can use it with your favorite PC protection suite such as Avast Antivirus, BitDefender, AVG, NOD32 and any other antivirus or internet security suite.

Here are some remarkable features of SmadAV antivirus package.

Best USB Antivirus

SmadAV is one of the best and most efficient USB antivirus. It can scan, detect and remove viruses from almost all kinds of USB devices including USB flash disk, memory cards, pen drive media, mobile phone memory and more.

Tip: If you are looking for an ultimate security suite then download Bitdefender Internet Security.

Best AutoRun Antivirus

Smad Antivirus is an ideal killer for Auto-Run Virus, one of the most stupid type of threat which has been a real pain for most of PC users, ranging from absolutely novices to the professional and enterprise class entities. Smad-Lock feature helps you immunize your disk drives so that the Auto Run Virus can find no space to reside in your system, local and USB disks. You can find this feature in Tools > Smad-Lock (Immunize) which is usually the last tab.


New USB-Anti-EXE feature protects your system from USB executable files.

Small File Size

What’s is the smallest size you can imagine for an effective antivirus? The size of such AV suits are increasing with every new version update. The latest versions of almost all AV software have crossed 100MB, which is the size of download file. These packages consume a considerable space after install. Some days ago, when I tried to install Avast Free Antivirus on one of my older computer, it demanded at least 2GB of disk space. It’s worth noticing that I was intended to install the FREE version, which means the offline antivirus. The internet security and premier version will require even more disk space, obviously.

Tip: Download AVG if you like modern interface. There are AVG Ultimate, AVG Pro and AVG Free. These all versions have a modern and delightful user interface.

When you download the SmadAV antivirus, it might seem like it would be an online/web installer of Smad AV. But look and behold, it’s all that tiny anti-virus with about 1.30MB of download file size. No extra online installation required, you just downloaded the best offline antivirus in just a few seconds.

Disk Scanner

Smad Antivirus is pretty fast tool for scanning and cleaning your system and local disks (hard disk). Its hassle free interface will allow you access this feature in a few seconds.

System Sensitive Areas Scan

System sensitive portions are scanned on priority basis to detect and kill active viruses first. It is crucial for killing active malicious process loaded in memory or running in system services of Windows.

Registry Virus Cleaner

Registry virus are a kind of bad registry entry which misleads your system configuration. It can be very powerful yet dangerous tool for hackers to get over your whole system without even being noticed. But this amazing tiny ant-virus detects them intelligently and crushes that evil at the spot.

Quick and Full Scan

Quick and full scan options allow you to either perform a faster or full system checkup for threats. Quick scan only scans the most important system areas and Windows file system, while Full scan checks your system thoroughly for maximum protection.

After-Scan Reposts

If you are a kind of geek person or just curious what actually happened during scan and cleanup mechanism, Smad AV will not disappoint you. A detailed report is generated which contain the process log for your information.

One-Virus By-User

If you find a virus which was not detected by Smad-AV but you are sure or suspect that file, send it to Smad-Antivirus team by using the One-Virus by-User option in Tools section.

Process Manager

Manage your system processes with Process Manager. Though this is still a basic feature with only essential options, it can be a handy little tool if you prefer to use it.\

System Editor

Edit a number of system behaviors and fix the Windows general errors found in Start Menu, Windows Explorer and other system applications with just one click. It will apply the tweaks and Restart Explorer.exe of Windows.


This set of tools comes handy when you need to access some of essential system utility tools such as Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor (Regedit), MS-Command Prompt (cmd), System Configuration Utility (MS-Config) etc.

SmadAV Features

Here is a highlight of some remarkable features which you will be able to enjoy after SmadAV free download.

  • Best USB Antivirus
  • AutoRun Antivirus
  • Small File Size
  • Disk Scanner
  • System Sensitive Areas Scan
  • Registry Virus Cleaner
  • Quick and Full Scan
  • After-Scan Reposts
  • One-Virus By-User
  • Process Manager
  • System Editor
  • Win-Force

Download SmadAV
Download SmadAV for Windows 10 for free without any hassle!


  • SmadAV Free Full setup from official safe download link
  • SmadAV Latest Version direct link
  • Tested and works with Windows 10 64/32 bit version (x64/x86) including all editions (Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise etc.).
  • This setup should be compatible with other prior Microsoft Windows versions (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and maybe Vista and XP too).
  • Downloadable with your favorite download manager without any bandwidth restrictions.

Download SmadAV

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