Fix BSOD during Windows 10 update with these simple methods

Blue screen of death errors are really irritating and sometimes they happen to appear during the Windows update. We’ve gathered some solutions to fix this error and have mentioned them below in a step by step manner. How to fix the BSOD error during the update? Disable your antivirus: Some of your antivirus features may […]

Fix BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO error in Windows 10 [BSoD Help]

The blue screen of death error is considered one of the most annoying errors in Windows. One of the reasons for this error is BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO . Many users get very confused when trying to figure the fix to such error and why wouldn’t they? All they see is a blank blue screen. […]

Fix Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen error in Windows 10

The unmountable boot error is a really annoying one because it doesn’t let you access your computer through which you could troubleshoot and fix the error. However, there are some other methods that are really effective in fixing this issue, so it’s advisable that you read the article till the end because then only you’ll […]

Solutions to fix evbda.sys errors on Windows 10 [BSOD]

Solutions to fix evbda.sys errors on Windows 10 [BSOD] In recent years, related BSOD error has been reduced to an extent but not extinct yet. BSOD error may be temporary, and a quick restart may be able to fix it. Other times, it can be a severe mistake and leave your PC unusable for days. […]

PFN LIST CORRUPT Blue Screen error in Windows 10 [FIXED]

PFN LIST CORRUPT Blue Screen error is similar to the other BSOD errors. There can be different reasons for such errors, such as obsolete Windows software, corrupted operating system or drivers, and any hard drive issues. Here are some methods that will enable you to fix this error on your Windows 10. Methods to fix […]

FIX: Critical structure corruption BSOD error in Windows 10

Blue screen of death is a type of error that is caused by a critical malfunction or maybe sometimes because of the system crashing. It just happens, and it is very annoying for the users to see a blue screen on their computers and they don’t know what to do about it. Therefore, we’ve gathered […]