FIX: Windows Update error 0x80072efd in Windows 10

Windows update process sometimes fails, displaying a specific error code for easier identification. One such annoying error affects Windows 10 (or more) is a Windows Update error code 0x80072EFD. We have already reported the same problem before, more specifically with the Windows Store App Update: 0x8007064a, 0 × 80,246,007, 80,248,014 Error 0 ×. One user […]

Enhancement tab missing on Windows 10

What should I do if my microphone Enhancement Tab missing? Reinstall/audio driver update Check your hardware Try turning on the audio-related services on Windows 10 Change the settings for your sound card vendor. 1. Reinstall / audio driver update The driver problem on Windows is not entirely new; in fact, we have Bluetooth damage and […]

10 ways to fix slow boot time in Windows 10 on SSD

We always recommend you to get an SSD drive if you have a slow startup in Windows 10. But if your computer startsup slow, even after you get an SSD, which could be a problem. Fortunately, not a problem we can not solve. SSD drive beats the HDD when it comes to speed boot. Some […]

FIX: Windows 10 PC stuck on restart

Sometimes, in restarting Windows 10, you can occur problems such as boot slow, or worst, it freezes. So, the computer will be stuck in the reboot sequence for an extended period. In some situations, restart is finished after a few minutes, while the other person may take hours. To help you overcome this, we prepare […]

How to fix outdated Java messages on Windows 10

Millions of Windows 10 pc’s use Java, and even though Java has its benefits, it is also susceptible to security vulnerabilities. Users report java messages that are outdated on their PCs, and today we will show you how to handle the news in Windows 10. What to do if java is outdated Many web pages […]

Windows 10 Creators Update Installation Stuck [Fix]

Solution for installation of trapped problems: 1. Disable The antivirus software and firewall on computer The first step is to right-click on antivirus program icon and then click on the Disable option. The icon will be present in the system tray. The next step is to choose the duration of the anti-virus time will be […]

How to fix Cortana issues in Windows 10

Cortana is one of the most prominent and most useful additions in Windows 10. But it doesn’t work. Cortana can be very annoying and can reduce system functionality a lot, but there is a way to fix it. What should I do if Cortana won’t work on Windows 10? Cortana is one of the best […]

Unable to download Windows 10 Creators Update [Fix]

Windows 10 updates creator finally up and running. We can expect many positive changes because it seems that Microsoft finally discussed several Loyo features from the previous release. However, some users can’t see the latest upgrades because they cannot download it. This is not an unusual problem when it comes to the major update of […]

Windows 10 Safe Mode not working [FIX]

The Safe Mode option in Windows 10 helps you start a PC in a way that bypasses any problems that can prevent your operating system from the normal boot. This is a useful tool, especially when you need to solve Windows problems. Safe Mode uses minimum drivers set and function to boot your PC. However, […]