Windows 8

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Windows 8 Debug Checked Build

This version was released to detect, identify and diagnose Windows 8 common bugs. Though this edition could not get popularity, it was a useful edition of Windows 8. Windows 8 Debug Checked build is also available for both 64-bit and 32-bit system architecture. Windows 8 Description Microsoft Windows 8 released on October 26, 2012. This …

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Microsoft Windows 8 - Windowstan

Windows 8 Enterprise

Windows 8 Enterprise is the best edition available in Windows 8 range. It is designed for enterprises, large business and large organizations. This edition includes all features of Windows 8 Pro plus ultimate security features like App Locker, DirectAccess and networking features. Windows 8 Enterprise edition supports 512 GB RAM, which is equal to Windows …

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Microsoft Windows 8 - Windowstan

Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro (Professional) edition is developed for professional and small business use. It has more features than Windows 8 Core original release. The most remarkable features of Pro edition are BitLocker, Group Policy Editor and Encryption. Windows 8 Pro 64-bit version supports up to 512 GB of RAM. It has more flexible options which …

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Microsoft Windows 8 - Windowstan

Windows 8 (Core)

This is the first and original version of Windows 8. This version has actually no name, so it is generally named as Windows 8 Core edition. You can consider it Windows 8 Home Edition; which is not officially released. Windows 8 Core has limited features as compared to Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise edition. 32-bit …

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