Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate is the best and fullest edition with maximum features. The major features of Ultimate edition are Windows Media Center, Parental Controls and Windows Ultimate Extras. Ultimate edition is available via OEM and retail licensing, which is also available in case of Home Basic and Home Premium editions. Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit […]

Windows Vista Enterprise

Vista Enterprise is an advanced edition of Vista Business edition. It contains all features included in Business edition, plus more features which are required in large business organizations and enterprises. Enterprise edition includes BitLocker, disk encryption, networking control tools, Multilanguage support and advanced level security tools for business networking. 32-bit version of Vista Enterprise edition […]

Windows Vista Business

Business edition of Windows Vista is a kind of Professional version. It is suitable for small business and professionals. All features of Home Premium are included in this edition, plus additional features of business. Windows Vista Business edition contains Remote Desktop, PC backup and restore, IIS, Windows Fax and scan, etc. 32-bit version of Vista […]

Windows Vista Home Premium

Vista Home Premium is suitable for advanced computing at home level. It contains all features of Home Basic edition, plus Windows Media Center suite and Windows Aero UI style. 32-bit version of Vista Home edition allows only 4 GB RAM usage while Vista Home Premium 64-bit version supports 16 GB RAM. Tip: Windows 7 is […]

Windows Vista Home Basic

Home Basic is suitable for normal computing at home level. It contains handsome set of features which are usually needed by a normal computer user like multimedia, small games, basic document editing, desktop manager, instant search, multitasking, etc. Windows Vista Home Basic edition does not have advanced features like Windows Aero UI style, BitLocker and […]

Windows Vista Starter

Starter is the most basic and lightest edition of Widows Vista. This is not a fully functional edition, but developed for old computers with low end hardware. The Starter edition is developed for developing and poor countries where people do not have sufficient budget to buy a reasonable computer. This edition lets them taste the […]