The new Search UI in Windows 11 is out, but with questionable accuracy.

Windows 11 22H2 Search UI

The new Search UI in Windows 11 is out, but there are still questions about its accuracy.

Windows 11’s Search now has a new user interface that is accessible to everyone. ‘Search highlights’ is a new element in the new user interface that showcases new information from Bing, such as graphics and facts.

Powered by Bing, the Search Highlights would update frequently to assist visitors to learn new subjects and discovering hot products. On World Penguin Day, Windows Search will show you interesting facts about the penguins. Similarly, Search will also emphasize global and regional events, such as holidays or other special occasions.

Using Windows Search, Microsoft aims to deliver “rich, bold, and dynamic” material to its users, and search highlights are expected to get an upgrade in the near future. To help you stay connected and productive, we’re going to share some of our favorite Bing pictures and statistics with you.

Fortunately, the search highlights may be turned off from the Windows Settings. In Windows Search, if you turn off the search highlights (Bing suggestions), the search results will only show suggested applications, quick searches from Bing, and the top apps.

A look at these screenshots shows how search is growing to become more like a Start menu, making it much quicker and faster to locate certain items. Without having to look on the taskbar or Start, you may quickly find apps on the search homepage.

By using information from your work and school accounts, Microsoft promises to enhance the user experience. Because of this, reverse searching is not supported in Windows 11’s Search, which is a big disappointment.

Windows Search isn’t perfect, and it often returns results that aren’t what you’re looking for. When a user searches for an app, for example, the search returns results from the web, but not from the local area. This shows that Bing integration isn’t always a good idea.

Microsoft employees have verified that the business is striving to improve Windows Search, and one of the most recent previews builds includes more changes to speed up search results.

Searching programs and settings in Windows search has become much faster and more accurate in the taskbar search box,” Microsoft says.

Despite the fact that search has improved marginally in the most recent releases, it is still prone to errors and frequently fails to return relevant results.

The Steam app setup file appears in search results instead of the actual Steam program in the case above. However, Microsoft has yet to address the quality flaws that have plagued Windows Search’s new interface, which has now been made available to everyone.

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