WhatsApp for Windows 11 updated with new features

WhatsApp UWP for Windows 11

An advanced context menu and reaction features have been added to WhatsApp for Windows 11.

In the latest significant update for WhatsApp Beta (UWP) for Windows 11, two new features have been added: reactions and a context menu (right-click menu).

Windows 11’s modern ideas are seen in WhatsApp Beta (UWP), which leverages WinUI. WhatsApp UWP, in contrast to the previous desktop software, provides a significantly better experience and is more tightly integrated with the operating system.

Earlier this year, Facebook’s parent company Meta revealed a slew of updates to the messaging app. This week, WhatsApp for Android was updated to include emoji reactions, quicker file transfer limits, and other enhancements. Windows 11 will also benefit from the same changes.

Using today’s update, you’ll be able to respond to messages with emoji reactions. Reactions on the Facebook Messenger app are a good analogy for this new feature. However, you are now restricted to only a few emotions when expressing yourself.

This includes the thumbs up, heart, laughter and tears of joy emoticons as well as the folded hands symbol. WhatsApp has acknowledged that it intends to provide support for more skin tones and enhance emotional features. Future updates will include this set of reactions and tones.

Emoji replies aren’t the only thing that’s getting a revamp in the messaging app. WhatsApp’s context menu is also getting an upgrade from Facebook, with a modern context menu for choosing text in chats being added by the company.

We’ve added some basic text formatting options, as shown in the screenshot. Preformatted text, Italics, Bold, Strikethrough, and more can all be applied to text in the editor.

Selecting text and then performing operations such as copying, cutting, pasting, undoing, and selecting are also options.

There’s no official word on this yet, but it appears that WhatsApp will soon be able to add up to 512 contacts. Here’s where you can download it now: the Microsoft Store.

Additional WhatsApp UWP enhancements include support for limited one-time viewing of media shares and greater dark mode assistance, in addition to the aforementioned functionalities.

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