Windows 10 FAQs

Here are some most asked questions which we have compiled for you. You will find answers to the most common questions about Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 - Windowstan

Here are some most asked questions which we have compiled for you. You will find answers to the most common questions about Windows 10.

Where Can I Download Windows 10 64 Bit?

Download Windows 10 ISO latest version here.

Which version of Windows 10 is best for me and my PC / Laptop?

It depends on your needs and your laptop or pc capabilities. Win 10 version is the best edition with the most complete features. You can do almost anything on it without feature restrictions.

How to Get Windows 10 ISO [Full and Genuine]?

From the fruit shop in your street (joking). Just find and click on the download link for Windows 10 pc on this page.

How can I Get an upgrade to Windows 10 Seven Full Version Genuine?

There are several upgrade options. Microsoft Windows support team will assist you best according to your exact demands.

How to Get Official Support?

Go to the Microsoft Windows Official Website for support and more options.

How to Download Windows 10?

Use the Download link/button on this page and the download will start.

Does this ISO have the option to format a hard disk partition on my PC during installation?

Yes, it has.

If I make a USB from ISO, can I format my C: drive using USB?

Yes, you can format when you choose the clean install option. You can even delete partitions and format the drive.

Is there any difference between ISO to USB or a typical DVD/CD of Windows 10?

No, there is no difference unless both are made of the same ISO image.

Will my current Windows be formatted when I install the new Windows 10 using this image file?

It depends; if you choose to upgrade the existing Windows OS during installation setup, it will upgrade only. But if you perform a clean install of Windows 10, it will first format the existing Windows and then install a fresh copy of Windows 10.

Can I use this ISO on a virtual PC?

Yes, you can use this ISO on virtual machines like Virtual Box, VMware, etc.

How can I burn the ISO to USB or DVD?

Use Windows 10 USB/DVD Download Tool. Alternatively, there are numerous ISO to DVD-free burning tools like MagicISO, IMGBurn, PowerISO, UltraISO, etc.

Does this version support Lenovo, Dell, and HP laptops?

Of course, it supports almost any PC and laptop.

Can I install Windows 10 without Graphic Card?

No graphics card makes no sense. At least, every computer has a built-in graphics card. Yes, you can install Win 10 with a beginner-level graphics card but you will need a graphics card having WDDM support to enjoy Aero UI.

Can I use Windows bootable media or disc to install Windows 10 on a PC having no operating system already installed?

Yes. Make sure your disc is bootable. Just copy paste Windows files to USB/DVD might not make a bootable disc. Use Rufus.

I want to download ISO Win10 64-bit from Windowstan. Is it free from viruses or malware?

Oh, do you really think we are here to spread malware for our friends and visitor? That’s funny. BTW these are original files directly downloaded from Microsoft servers, untouched and unmodified in any way. Be sure. Furthermore, you can ensure this by checking the checksum of these files.

Can I make a boot disc using the ISO in my pen drive and install Win 10 from that pen drive?

Of course, this method is trending these days.

The download stops after 2 GB of downloading file (or sometimes 93%). What is this happening to me?

This might happen due to some restrictions. This should not happen, but if you face such an issue, just wait for a few minutes or maybe hours, and do not cancel the download process. Do not close the browser. The download will continue automatically.

Is it a genuine file? Same as the Microsoft server?

Yes, 100% sure.

Is this version of Windows 10 64-bit the full version for free download? Official untouched ISO version? And the full real version?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Can I use this file to use offline?

This is a fully standalone offline installer setup of Windows 10. Once you download it, you can use it offline (unlike the media creation tool for Windows 10 and 8).

If I install Win 10 32bit or x64, will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Win 10?

Yes, you can upgrade your Windows 10 desktop to Windows 10.

I receive error Code 405 NOT ALLOWED. How to fix it?

Disable your antivirus program and see if it solves the problem.

I have a laptop with 2 GB RAM. What is the proper link to download Windows 10 for me? 32 or 64-bit?

32-bit Win 10 operating system is more suitable for computers having 3 GB or less memory (RAM).

Can I install the full version of 32-64bit using the links above?

Sure, you can.

What is the password for .zip / .rar file?

There is no .rar or .zip file. Only .iso files without any password or restriction.

Windows Defender is turned off by default. How to turn it on?

Well, we recommend you use some good antivirus programs like Bitdefender, Avast, AVG, etc. instead of outdated Windows Defender for Win10 OS.

How to fix the ‘No device is connected’ error?

Make sure devices are connected properly. Check plugs/ports carefully. Then open the device manager and scan for new devices. Make sure the device driver for that specific device is installed properly and updated.

Very slow downloading speed on Virtual Box. How to speed up the download?

Download it on your actual computer rather than a virtual machine.

I am using Windows XP right now. Can I download the Win10 ISO file on XP and create a bootable USB using Rufus on XP?

Of course, you can download iso on Windows XP. This is a common way used by many people.

Will it change my computer from 32-bit to 64-bit?

It can change 32 to 64-bit versions, but it can not change hardware specs or the architecture of the CPU.

Can I download it and run it without backing up my files?

Yes, you can. But backing your data is recommended. Once files are lost during Windows installation are very hard to recover later.

Can I use it on Mac OS using a virtual machine?

Yes, you can use it on Mac with a virtual machine.

Can I download this ISO on my computer without a USB?

You can download and store this image file on your hard disk. But you will need a USB or DVD when you want to make a bootable installation USB or DVD.

Does it include device drivers like Graphics, Sound, Ethernet, WiFi, etc?

Windows 10 supports most the device drivers by default. However, you might need to download and install drivers for modern devices and hardware, if needed.

How to fix the ‘Hard disk not detected’ error?

First, check the cables of the hard disk. If everything is okay then your previous operating system is erased. You need to install an operating system like Windows 10.

How to extract ISO files on my USB flash disk?

Use Rufus for this purpose.

The .exe file is missing. Where to find it now?

This file might have been missed during bootable disc creation. Try again with some other ISO to USB tool, like Rufus.

When I try to open ISO, it says “Couldn’t mount file” and sometimes “Disc image file is corrupted”.

Try some other ISO to USB/DVD software. If the problem is not solved, you might have damaged the .iso file due to some virus in your computer or something else. You need to download the image file again.

Can I Use a USB to Install Windows 10 without extracting it on a USB or DVD? Just copying the compressed .iso image to USB and boot PC, will it work?

No, the .iso file needs to extract first on installation media (DVD/USB) in order to boot.

Is it the official and the latest version of Windows 10?

It is SP1 (Service Pack 1)

Does it support Intel Celeron CPU?

Yes, the Celeron processor is supported.

Is it the original and legal Windows 10? I mean would I have to purchase the product key or it is from a warez source?

This is a genuine file, not cracked or pre-activated in any way. This is a trial version and you can use it for 30 days without a product key. You will need to enter your own original Windows 10 product key/license key to activate Windows.

Can I bypass the product key dialog during installation?

Yes, you can skip the product key step to continue trial for 30 days. You will be required to enter license keys to continue after the trial period.

I found some websites offering cheap license keys to activate Windows 10. They claim that their product key is original and will not expire. Should I purchase a cheap product keys from those sites?

We strongly recommend buying Windows product key from Microsoft rather than any other source. It is the most reliable and genuine way you could find ever.

My laptop has pre-installed genuine OEM Windows 10. Now if I download ISO here and install fresh Win10, will it activate automatically?

No, it will not automatically activate. You have to enter the product key which is provided with your product (laptop/PC/notebook).

Is the product key of 32-bit Windows valid for 64-bit too?

Yes, you can choose 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) architecture according to your requirements and use the same key for each.

I have two computers. Is it possible to install Win 10 32-bit on one computer and 64-bit Win 10 on the second one; then activate both with the same key?

Unfortunately, No. One key is only valid for one computer at a time. You can not use a product key on two devices simultaneously.

Can I use Windows Loader for activating Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit? Will it activate Windows without product keys?

Not recommended at all. Such activators are totally illegal to use and likely to harm your computer and interrupt privacy. Avoid such scams.

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