Windows 10 login screen is slow, stuck, frozen

An important painful scenario for any computer user is the issue of some slow, stuck, frozen Windows 10 login screen.

Here, many users do not understand how to operate the system. However, the first two quick fixes will resume or just go ahead and open the Task Manager with CTRL + ALT + DEL. ‘

If your computer is experiencing a slow, stuck Windows 10 login screen issue, always find a solution here that will help you fix it quickly.

Solution: Boot in Safe Mode

Safe Mode starts the computer with limited files and drivers, but Windows keeps working. If you’re in Safe Mode, words will appear in the corners of the screen to let you know.



If you have a problem with the Windows 10 login screen getting stuck slowly, check to see if this happens while your PC is in Safe Mode.

To get your computer in Safe Mode, do the following: …

  • Mouse click the Start button.
  • Select Settings – the settings window will open.
  • Mouse Click Update & Security.
  • Select Recovery.
  • Go to Advanced Startup.
  • Mouse Click Restart Now.
  • Select Troubleshoot on the Choice of an options screen, then clicks Advanced options.
  • Go to Startup Options and Mouse click Restart.
  • After restarting the computer, a list of options appears.
  • Select 4 or F4 to start your computer in Safe Mode.

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