Windows 11 21H2 security patch released [Patch Day October]

Windows 11 update

Windows 11 21H2 has a new security patch, and it has been released on October’s Patch Day.

On October Patch Day, Microsoft issued a patch to address vulnerabilities in the first Windows 11 build (21H2). This update, which addresses some previously unknown issues and security holes, is now accessible to all users.

As of right now, you may download the October patch for Windows 11, which is the monthly security and maintenance update. The Windows Update tool is where you may grab the update. The new build version is 22000.1098 after the update. The very first public release was version 22000.194.

Additional information: Windows has released a patch for October’s update day for Windows 11, version 2022, which was only released a few days ago. All the information is conveniently compiled in one place for your convenience.

With today’s patch release, Microsoft is also introducing new features. In a separate piece, we focus on the new developments.

Microsoft has previously provided a summary of the most noteworthy adjustments made in the latest release. We have translated the most important parts of the update and included them at the bottom of this post for your convenience. The normal KB article on the Windows 11 patch can be found at KB5018418 in the Microsoft knowledge base.

There is still a lack of information

Users with Windows 11 version 21H2 can get the upgrade now. However, Microsoft has not yet provided a lot of information in the Knowledge Base on the changes that will be made in this release. There’s nothing odd about that; patch days have traditionally been days when information regarding changes is kept deliberately vague. More often than not, optional upgrades come with advance notice of upcoming changes. Microsoft, on the other hand, only updates the release notes in the days following the start of the release for changes that are important to security.

However, the cumulative and dynamic Windows 11 updates are already available via the Microsoft Update Catalog. This data has been made public:


  • Repairs vulnerabilities in the Windows OS

Corrections and enhancements

  • Improvements included in update KB5017383 (published September 20, 2022) are also a part of this security update, and it also addresses the following issues:
  • There are a number of enhancements to the update’s security that target core OS features. No further problems have been reported with this release.

Upgrade to the Latest Windows 11 Service Pack (22000.1035)

The service stack, which is responsible for installing Windows updates, has received several quality enhancements in this release. With a service stack that is up-to-date and secure, your devices will be able to receive and install the latest security and stability patches from Microsoft.

Examine the Security Update Guide and the October 2022 Security Updates for additional details on the vulnerabilities patched in these releases.

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