Windows 11 KB5030310 23H2 released, download offline installers

Windows 11 KB5030310 23H2

Windows 11 KB5030310 is here, bringing excitement with its 23H2 features. This article will explore what this update offers and guide you through downloading and installing it. Join us as we delve into Windows Copilot, the new File Explorer, and more.

Introducing Windows 11 KB5030310

KB5030310 is an optional update designed for version 22H2. Packed within this update are the highly anticipated features of Windows 11 23H2. However, it’s important to note that this update won’t automatically download or install. You’ll need to take a few extra steps to get your hands on these exciting features.

Manual Installation

To kickstart the installation process, open Windows Update and manually select the “Download and Install” button for KB5030310. This action will initiate the download and installation of the update, bringing you one step closer to experiencing Windows 11 23H2’s enhancements.

Enabling Windows 11 23H2 Features

Windows 11 23H2 features are not enabled by default. Microsoft has taken this approach to ensure a smoother transition and minimize potential issues. To access these features, you must enable the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” toggle in your settings. This action will trigger the download of a Windows Configuration Update, which, when applied, activates the new features.

Windows Configuration Update: Unveiling the Enabler

The Windows Configuration Update serves as an enablement package. The magic switch transforms your version 22H2 into a platform ready to embrace Windows 11 23H2 features. This strategic approach by Microsoft ensures that users can enjoy these enhancements without compromising stability.

Activating Windows Copilot and More

Once you’ve successfully installed KB5030310 and enabled the Windows Configuration Update, you’re ready to explore the wonders of Windows 11 23H2. Windows Copilot, the all-new File Explorer, and other shiny features will be at your fingertips. No more waiting in the shadows; flip the switch and experience the future of Windows.

Windows 11 KB5030310 is your gateway to exciting features and improvements. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can unlock the full potential of Windows 11 23H2. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your computing experience with Windows Copilot and the new File Explorer. Get ready to elevate your Windows experience like never before.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing KB5030310 Update with Windows 11 23H2 Features

Unlocking the power of Windows 11 23H2 features through the KB5030310 update is straightforward. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly install this update and explore all the exciting enhancements:

1. Open Windows Update Settings

  • Begin by clicking on the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Inside the Settings menu, select “Windows Update.”

2. Check for Updates

  • Once you’re in the Windows Update section, click on “Check for updates.”
  • Windows will now search for available updates, including KB5030310.

3. Download and Install KB5030310

  • After the search is complete, you’ll see the KB5030310 update listed.
  • Click on it, and you’ll have an option to “Download and Install.” Click on this option.

4. Enable “Get the Latest Updates as Soon as They’re Available” (if prompted)

  • In some cases, you may receive a pop-up message that says, “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available.”
  • If you see this message, click “Turn on” to enable this setting.

5. Reboot Your System

  • Once the installation is complete, it’s a good practice to reboot your computer to ensure the changes take effect.

6. Check for New Features

  • After the reboot, check if the new features of Windows 11 23H2 are active. These may include Windows Copilot and other enhancements.

7. Enable Windows Configuration Update (if needed)

  • If you don’t immediately see the new features, don’t worry. You may need to make an additional adjustment.
  • Go back to your update settings and look for “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available.”
  • Set the toggle to “On.”

8. Download and Install Windows Configuration Update

  • Once you’ve turned on the toggle, Windows will prompt you to download and install the Windows Configuration Update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this process.

9. Reboot Again

  • After installing the Windows Configuration Update, reboot your system once more.

10. Enjoy Windows Copilot and More

  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed KB5030310 and activated Windows 11 23H2 features, including Windows Copilot and other exciting enhancements.

Now, you’re ready to make the most of the latest Windows 11 features and elevate your computing experience to a whole new level. Enjoy your upgraded Windows 11 environment!

Direct Download Links for Windows 11 KB5030310 (64-bit)

For those looking to obtain the Windows 11 KB5030310 update directly, especially the 64-bit version, you have a couple of options to choose from:

Option 1: Microsoft Update Catalog

  • You can access the update via the Microsoft Update Catalog by following the above link.
  • Once on the Microsoft Update Catalog page, select the “Download” button within the catalog to initiate the download process.

Option 2: .msu Package

  • If the traditional method through Windows Settings doesn’t work for you, an alternative option is to use the .msu package.
  • This package can be downloaded and installed manually.

Why Doesn’t the Windows 11 23H2 Version Number Appear?

You might wonder why you don’t see the Windows 11 23H2 version number after installing the KB5030310 update. This is because Windows 11 23H2 features and the new version 23H2 are rolled out separately.

Version Number Update Delay

After installing today’s optional update and the Windows Configuration Update (enablement package), your operating system’s version number will remain at 22H2. According to insider sources familiar with the development process, the Windows 11 version number won’t advance to 23H2 until October.

In essence, new features and version numbers are introduced independently rather than as a unified package. The version number holds significance for several reasons, including the creation of new ISOs, installation media, security updates, and Microsoft support. While Windows 11 22H2 support is set to end in a year, 23H2 will receive support for a duration of 24 months following its release.

This approach ensures that users can experience feature updates without requiring a full version upgrade, allowing for a smoother transition and improved long-term support for different Windows 11 builds.

Windows 11 KB5030310 Update: Exploring the Changelog

The Windows 11 KB5030310 update brings exciting features and improvements to enhance your computing experience. Let’s dive into the changelog to discover what’s new:

1. Windows Copilot: Your AI-powered Assistant

  • The standout feature of this update is Windows Copilot.
  • Windows Copilot leverages the power of ChatGPT’s GPT-4 and Bing Chat to provide an AI-driven assistant.
  • With Copilot, you can navigate your operating system by simply typing your commands into a text field.
  • To activate Copilot, you can click on the new colorful Copilot button on the taskbar or use the ‘WIN + C’ shortcut.
  • Copilot appears as a sidebar on the right side of the screen, designed not to obscure your desktop content.
  • It works seamlessly with other active app windows, allowing interaction with app content.
  • While it’s ‘app-aware,’ please note that it might not be fully compatible with most third-party apps, as it’s in early development.

2. New File Explorer: Redesigned for Modernity

  • If you prefer a more traditional approach and are not a fan of AI features, the update introduces a redesigned File Explorer.
  • The new File Explorer Home is built with Windows 11 aesthetics, Microsoft Fluent Design, and WinUI principles.
  • It includes a recommended files carousel, which is available with a Microsoft Azure AD account.
  • A new address bar supports both local and cloud folders, enabling you to monitor OneDrive status and file sync progress.
  • A quota flyout box shows your remaining and used storage in OneDrive.
  • A details pane offers contextual information about files, including creator, sharing status, date modified, location, size, and thumbnails.
  • A new Gallery feature, similar to Microsoft Photos but integrated into File Explorer, organizes your photos by month for easy access.

3. Dev Drive: Exclusive Storage for Developers

  • The “Dev Drive” is a significant feature catering exclusively to developers.
  • Built using the Resilient File System (ReFS) technology optimizes file management for performance and security.
  • Dev Drive is designed to house project source codes, working folders, and package caches.
  • Setting up a Dev Drive is straightforward and accessed through Settings > System > For developers or using command-line instructions.
  • A minimum of 50GB of free space is required for Dev Drive, and devices with 8GB or more RAM provide optimal performance.
  • It’s worth noting that Microsoft Defender Antivirus’s “Performance mode” has been fine-tuned to work seamlessly with Dev Drive, ensuring minimal disruptions.

4. Voice Access: Enhanced Text Authoring

  • KB5030310 enhances voice access capabilities, particularly for text authoring.
  • Users can now correct misrecognized words through voice commands.
  • Simply say “correct [text]” or “correct that,” and a correction window with numbered alternatives will appear.
  • Users can then verbally select their preferred correction option.

These exciting features and enhancements in the Windows 11 KB5030310 update aim to make your Windows experience more efficient, user-friendly, and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a developer, a multitasker, or someone who values voice control, this update offers something for everyone.

Key Features of KB5030310: Unveiling Windows 11 23H2 Enhancements

With the activation of Windows 11 23H2 features through KB5030310, users can expect a range of exciting improvements that enhance their overall Windows experience. Here’s a breakdown of the noteworthy features:

1. Revamped Passkey Experience

Windows is refining the passkey experience, allowing users to set up a passkey on supporting apps and websites. After setup, users can effortlessly sign in using Windows Hello, which includes facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or a PIN.

2. Paint Cocreator: Bringing Art to Life

The introduction of ‘Cocreator’ in Paint offers an innovative text-to-image function. Users can describe their artistic vision in plain text, and Paint uses AI to transform the description into a visual artwork.

3. Gallery in File Explorer: Easy Access to Memories

The new ‘Gallery’ feature in File Explorer simplifies photo access by showcasing the most recent snapshots across all user feeds. This provides a seamless photo-viewing experience.

4. Automated Video Creation with Clipchamp

Clipchamp users can now take advantage of the auto-compose feature, which allows them to include personal content. The system identifies impactful segments and assembles them into professionally crafted videos.

5. Seamless Transitions with Windows Backup

Windows Backup facilitates effortless transitions between PCs. It enables the transfer of apps and personalized settings using existing credentials. When users log into a new device, their preferred settings are instantly available.

6. Enhancements in Presence Sensing

Windows is refining presence sensing features, including ‘Adaptive Dimming,’ setting up presence preferences during initial PC setup, and providing PC manufacturers with solutions based on presence sensing.

7. Advanced Photo Editing in the Photos App

The Photos app now offers advanced editing capabilities, including stylish background blur effects. It also improves the ability to locate specific images stored in OneDrive within the Photos app.

8. Narrator and Voice Access

The Narrator employs natural, human-like voices and supports additional languages. Voice access extends to PC logins and provides functionalities on the lock screen, enhancing accessibility.

9. Versatile Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool becomes more versatile with added features, including screen recording with audio and microphone support. The new “text actions” mode allows users to copy and modify text directly from screenshots.

These enhancements in KB5030310 make Windows 11 23H2 a more user-friendly, creative, and efficient platform, catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences. Whether you’re an artist, content creator, or simply looking for an improved Windows experience, these features have something to offer for everyone.

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