Windows 11’s subsystem for Android has received a major upgrade in compatibility with games

WSA updated Windows 11

Windows 11 has got Improvements to the Android subsystem for Windows gaming.

  • For Windows 11, Microsoft has released a preview build of the Android subsystem.
  • A number of critical issues have been addressed and new features have been added.
  • Improved compatibility with Android games is the primary focus of this upgrade.

Updated Android subsystem preview builds for Windows 11 are now available to Insiders across all channels, bringing compatibility improvements when running Android games as well the quality of life improvements like scrolling improvements, networking enhancements, and reliability fixes.

Version 2206.40000.15.0 of the subsystem is now available for Android devices. After installing the update, users will notice that more games now support external joysticks and gamepads as well as aim and slide using arrow keys on their devices. A new set of shims makes it possible for these improvements to be made.

We have a new feature:

Toggle the new shims in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app for enhanced experiences in a variety of applications.

  • compatibility with joystick-based games (mapped to WASD)
  • Support for gamepads in video games
  • Compatibility with arrow keys for aiming in games
  • The ability to use the arrow keys to slide into games

More features:

  • Improvements to scrolling
  • Enhancements to the network
  • The minimum window size for Android devices has been set at 220 dpi
  • When an unsupported VPN is found, the dialogue has been improved.
  • Diagnostic data may now be viewed and saved in the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app thanks to a new setting.
  • Updates to the security system
  • Fixes for general dependability, such as larger diagnostic sizes
  • Improvements in graphics
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