Exploring Windows 11 Paint’s DALL-E Image Creator: A Hands-On Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity, Windows 11 has unveiled a remarkable addition to its native Paint app – the DALL-E Image Creator. This exciting feature, powered by the revolutionary DALL-E AI, promises to take your artistic endeavors to new heights. If you’re fortunate enough to be among the chosen few, part of Microsoft’s A/B tests, you can now embark on a creative journey like never before.

The Gradual Unveiling of DALL-E Integration

Microsoft’s official announcement of DALL-E integration in the Paint app, made during its Surface event, brought immense anticipation. However, the company clarified that this feature would be introduced gradually over several weeks.

As expected, the integration of DALL-E into Paint is now being rolled out to a select group of users who eagerly joined the waitlist. A Microsoft representative has confirmed that the AI-powered Paint is being pushed to the Dev and Canary channels of the Windows Insider Program.

A Fortunate Test Drive

Fortunately, I was among the few who gained access to the Image Creator in Windows Paint. This tool offers unprecedented control thanks to its standout feature: “Choose a style.”

Exploring the Styles

Paint’s Cocreator in Windows 11 empowers you to customize the generated images to suit your artistic vision. You’ll find various styles, including Charcoal, Ink Sketch, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Digital Art, Photorealistic, Anime, and Pixel Art.

Here’s a quick rundown of the AI styling within Paint:

Charcoal: Picture instructing Paint to “Create a charcoal sketch of a serene mountainscape.” The AI will craft an image featuring soft, textured strokes reminiscent of charcoal, resulting in a captivating grayscale portrayal of the mountains.

Ink Sketch: If you ask Paint for an “ink sketch of a cat playing with a yarn ball,” you’ll receive a bold and sharply defined drawing that captures the cat’s playful motion, complete with the distinctive lines in ink drawings.

Watercolor: Requesting Paint to “Design a watercolor painting of a rainy city street” yields an image with gentle, blending colors that evoke the wet ambiance of the scene, reminiscent of the translucent beauty of watercolors.

Oil Painting: By instructing Paint to “Generate an oil painting of a sunflower field at sunset,” the DALL·E AI will produce a rich, textured image that captures the deep hues of the setting sun and the characteristic thick layers of oil paints.

Digital Art: A prompt like “Craft a digital art piece of a futuristic city” will result in artwork characterized by precise lines, vibrant colors, and possibly unique digital effects.

Photorealistic: When you request DALL·E in Paint to “Create a photorealistic image of a beach during summer,” you can expect to witness a detailed and lifelike masterpiece.

Anime: For anime enthusiasts, Paint’s DALL-E can bring to life an “anime-styled character who is a space explorer” or any other imaginative creation in the beloved anime style.

Pixel Art: Asking Paint to “Make a pixel art scene of a forest with creatures” will generate a blocky, grid-like representation reminiscent of early video game graphics, complete with trees, animals, and perhaps some fantastical creatures.

For many, Paint’s ‘anime’ style is a personal favorite, offering the opportunity to merge beloved anime characters surprisingly and accurately.

Getting Your Hands on Cocreator in Paint and Generating DALL-E-Powered Images

To experience the wonders of Cocreator in Paint, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Join the Windows Insider Program.
  2. Obtain the latest version of Paint from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Locate and click the ‘Cocreator’ button in the toolbox.

You’ll be presented with a user-friendly interface familiar to users of third-party AI image creators. Simply describe your artwork in the provided prompt, select your preferred style, and click the ‘create’ button to witness the magic unfold.

In addition to the AI integration, Microsoft has thoughtfully enhanced Paint with features such as background removal, layer support, and transparency options. These additions further expand the creative horizons of Windows 11 Paint users, making it a versatile and powerful tool for digital artists and enthusiasts alike.

As you embark on your creative journey with Paint’s DALL-E Image Creator, prepare to be amazed by the endless possibilities and artistic freedom that await you. Windows 11 Paint has truly evolved into a canvas for boundless imagination and innovation.

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