How to Deal with a Power Outage When Working From Home

No one expects a power outage when they are working from home. When it happens, it can seem like the end of the world. Power outage when working from home is incredibly inconvenient and a huge waste of your time and money. It could possibly mean a cut on your next paycheck and you cannot afford that. 

Hence, it is crucial that you are prepared for such a scenario. Power blackouts are inevitable and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from happening. What you can do is take steps that don’t affect your work during power blackouts.

After all, working from home is one of the most productive ways of carryings out your job. Studies show that employees are more productive when working from home than when they are in an office setting. Hence, if you have the option of working from home, you shouldn’t let this opportunity go. A power blackout shouldn’t discourage you from embracing a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Check out the following scenarios you can easily play out to deal with a power outage while working from home:

Have a Backup Internet Connection

Losing your internet connection during a power blackout is the most infuriating because you can’t get online anymore. 

Fortunately, there are backup options you can get such as prepaid mobile broadband, pocket Wi-Fi, wireless USB Sticks, etc. You can use it to immediately let your employers, colleagues, and clients know about your power blackout situation. You can also carry on with minor tasks that won’t take you too long to finish.

Another option is to connect to a public Wi-Fi that is available in restaurants and café all over the country. Many internet service providers such as Xfinity offer free nationwide access to internet hotspots that you can connect your device from anywhere. If you are experiencing internet blackout only at home, you can easily dial the Xfinity customer service phone number and have them guide you about a solution.

Save All Your Tasks

Although many applications and programs offer auto-saving features, it’s still important that you double-check whether your tasks have been saved. This is to ensure that you do not lose your data. This option is easily available if you are working on a laptop. 

But what if you work on a desktop computer? For that, you can try two things. One, install an automatic backup program that saves your work as you are doing it. The other option is to get a backup generator that keeps your desktop computer on. 

Call the Power Officials

After you have informed your colleagues and backed up all your files, it’s time to find out where the power outage is coming from. 

Call the local power company to learn more about the situation. Keep in mind that because of the power outage, the power company may be receiving a large number of calls. So you may have to wait a while until you reach a human operator. 

Once you have finally reached a human operator, they may inform you that it’s temporary and the power will be back up again soon. That leaves you a few minutes to do other tasks that don’t need to be done online. 

If you have been informed that it may take hours before the power is back up again, yet you have urgent work pending, you can get your things and continue working at the local eatery. Such public areas always come with backup power. However, if the work is not too urgent, you can inform your employer and sit back and relax. 

Things to Prepare for Future Power Blackouts

Now that you understand what you need to do, it doesn’t hurt to follow these suggestions as well:

Get a Generator: 

This is to ensure that your home stays powered during any sort of power outage. It needs to be fully fueled though. For instance, if the storm is about to approach, that is a very good time to check if the generator has enough fuel to power your home throughout.

Buy Portable Chargers: 

These portable chargers come in handy during power outages. With the help of portable chargers, you can make sure that your computer and internet connection remains operational. Do keep in mind that they only provide 3-6 hours of power; hence, get more portable chargers if needed. 

Install Surge Protector:

The main function of surge protectors is to keep you safe during power outages. They prevent any dangerous electricity surges from happening in your home electrical system. A better option would be smart power trips as they automatically track the electrical power, adjust usage, and adapt the system to surges to make sure that none of your laptops and other devices gets fried. 

Final Thoughts

The tips mentioned above should help you prepare for any future power outage while you are working from home. As long as your work isn’t affected by surges or outages, you can continue to stay productive throughout. 

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