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Adobe Reader [PDF Reader & Viewer]  is world’s leading program for viewing, creating and working with PDF (portable Document Format) documents. It was released publically in 1993. It is most used PDF viewer, based on solid foundations.

Download Adobe Reader – Windows 10 version Free | Latest Adobe Reader for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)


Adobe Reader for Windows 10 Description

Download the latest Adobe Reader version for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of Adobe Reader (64 bit & 32 bit).

There is no better PDF viewer than Adobe Pdf Reader. You can try out a bunch of other PDf readers, but believe me, you will find nothing better than Adobe PDF Reader.

Adobe Reader Review

Adobe Reader [PDF Reader & Viewer]  is the world’s leading program for viewing, creating, and working with PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. It was released publically in 1993.

It is the most used PDF viewer based on solid foundations. It has built a standard that other PDF readers follow and are judged against. Adobe Reader was not free in the past. Originally it was priced at $50 per user license. Adobe decided to separate its product range into two different versions, Adobe Reader was offered for free, and its professional version called Adobe Acrobat has to be purchased. Adobe Acrobat has more useful features, but a free reader can also meet the standard needs. PDF has become a standard file format choice for individual and business organizations. Its cross-platform flexibility has made this product favorite for every user and operating system. It is much more secure than late comer competitors. Here are some distinct features:

Simple UI

Adobe Reader’s user interface is clean and simple. Minimum tools are shown in the main area. The user feels it easy to focus on reading instead of the fancy looks that some competitors have.

Standard and Classic Tools

Standard classic tools enhance the charm of Adobe Reader. These tools consist of text selection, zoom (in and out), snapshots, document width controls, full screen, and page navigation controls. Tools are placed in the right alignment to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Advanced Gears

The latest versions include some advanced tools to create, store, send, and store the document. You can create and manipulate PDF documents easily in one place without using other tools.

User Accounts

Adobe lets you sign up for your account and then sign in whenever you want to utilize their online services. User accounts are useful if you want to get a maximum of Adobe Reader and other products.

Comments and Annotations

Now you can comment and annotate PDF for your convenience. Annotations and comments let you add memory notes anywhere you want in the text. It contains several tools, including sticky notes, highlights text, adds text comments, attaches files, record audio comments, stamps, inserts text as a cursor, notes to replace text, text correction markup, and other formatting tools strikethrough, underline, etc. Annotation makes your life easier when you want to mark and review your documents in future times.

Share and Signatures

Share your PDF documents with your friends. Signatures by email and Adobe SendNow are useful to share your favorite documents with others.


Adobe Reader gets safer in its later versions. The current version is the safest version from Adobe. Protected Mode loads possibly dangerous code and objects in a separate sandbox that is isolated from your system. It can be assumed as a test box that does not allow any harmful stuff to enter your system.


Adobe Reader is often criticized due to its slower speed as compared to other lightweight PDF viewers. Yes, it’s true. But when we compare the add-ons that it loads during initialization, these add-ons are advanced than most of its competitors. It is considered that this difference is negligible for the average user. Add-ons can also be disabled if you don’t need them. Adobe considers quality much more than speed. You may have noticed it too.

Plugins and Extensions

Adobe Reader has a reasonable amount of plugins and extensions that are built-in too. Plugins and extensions enhance the capability of the program and empower the user with more flexibility and features.

High-Quality Documents

The document rendering quality of Adobe Reader is significantly better than any other PDF viewer. Document size and color depth are ideal. No glitter stuff, which is unnecessary and causes a distraction while reading PDF documents. Print quality is awesome! Moreover, plenty of options make printing more customizable, like even or odd pages printing in a sequence and page range.

Optimized Usage of Resources

Adobe is working hard to make its PDF reader light on resources without compromising quality. Newer versions have a light impact on memory. It lets you enjoy multitasking with more available memory space for other programs.

Adobe Online Services

Online services are additional tools that extend the PDF experience. These services include converting PDF to Microsoft Word or Excel format, create PDF documents, share files using SendNow service, sign documents, and store documents online. These services require you to sign up or sign in to your account. Once you signed in, all these services are accessible for you.

Features of Adobe Reader

  • Adobe Online Services
  • Simple UI
  • Standard and Classic Tools
  • Advanced Gears
  • User Accounts
  • Comments and Annotations
  • Share and Signatures
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Plugins and Extensions
  • High-Quality Documents

Download Adobe Reader for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)

Download Adobe Reader
Free Download Adobe Reader for Windows 10 for free without any hassle!

Adobe Reader Offline Installer

Adobe Reader is based on solid foundations and top-rated software in the market. It’s too tough to beat it. There are some close competitors, but they lack features or failed to satisfy the user’s needs. You may try those, but Adobe reader is a great choice.

Adobe Reader Free Download Latest Version for Windows 7, Windows 10, 8.1/8, Vista, and XP. Adobe Reader is a powerful PDF reader. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS. This is an Offline installer / full standalone setup with a direct link to Download Adobe Reader offline installer.

Download Adobe Reader Offline Installer

Download Adobe Reader

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