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Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Although there are a lot of alternative download managers, some are near to IDM, none of the rest is powerful enough to beat this download accelerator king, for years; seriously.


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Download Internet Download Manager – Windows 10 version Free | Latest Internet Download Manager for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)


Internet Download Manager for Windows 10 Description

Download Latest version of Internet Download Manager for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of Internet Download Manager (64 bit & 32 bit).

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is and has been the best and #1 download manager for Windows platform. For years, it has no parallel competitor.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Review

Although there are a lot of alternative download managers, some are near to IDM, none of the rest is powerful enough to beat this download accelerator king, for years; seriously.

Features of IDM (Internet Download Manager)

  • Fast, faster, fastest download speed
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc.) integration with extension
  • Start/Resume capability
  • Video download
  • Limit download speed
  • Website grabber
  • Free (trial)

How to Register IDM (Internet Download Manager) Legally – Ultimate Guide

Registration of IDM (Internet Download Manager) has been a very easy. But due to fake attacks and some other reasons, the process of registration has designed more intelligent.

After purchasing IDM from Tonec (IDM company), when users want to know the right and working method to register IDM, they come across a long chain of fake methods that fail, definitely. But when a new user who is not known to how to perform registration process after payment, is confused with untrusted guides. So, there is a need to provide the right guide.

If you don’t have IDM, download latest version of IDM HERE. You can try it for free and then decide to purchase after a few minutes, hours or days.

Although user account registration guide is available on IDM’s official website in support section. But everybody can’t find or understand, even nothing complicated in that. Yet an easy to follow and step by step guide is here, without any hassle or unwanted details of very old (ancient) versions that actually don’t exist anymore (possibly a very few users might exist).

When you buy IDM, you are asked for a valid email address. This email address is used to send registration serial code along with a thank you note and some necessary information.

What you have to do is, copy the serial by selecting text. Right click on selected serial text and select ‘copy’ from the menu.

Now open IDM (Internet Download Manager). If IDM program icon is not created on desktop, you can go to:

C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager

In case of Windows Vista, 7, 8 or above; if you can’t Internet Download Manager folder in Program Files, it will be located at following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager

Find the file IDMan or IDMan.exe. Open it either by double click or whatever method you prefer to use.

In menu bar, click on Registration menu.

Select Registration form the menu. A dialog box will opened.

This Internet Download Manager registration box has following fields.

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Serial number

Fill these fields by typing the exact information that you sent while purchasing the IDM.

If your registration fails or serial number does not work, please check the following before contacting the company:

Extra blank space before or after the serial number. Generally, an extra blank space character is also copied while making selection of text. Check if you have same case, if yes, select the serial number text again carefully without selecting anything extra.

If you are typing the serial code yourself manually (without selecting text and copying then pasting), chances are you might have mixed the following confusing characters:

0 (zero) and O (ou, the alphabet that comes after N and before P)

1 (one) and I (ai, the alphabet that comes after H and before J)

Please read the serial text carefully again and correct the confused characters.

Check other details First name, Last name and Email. Confirm if these are correct and exact which you used while purchasing IDM.

After entering personal data (Name, Email, S/N), click on OK button.

If you have entered valid and correct credentials, the server will verify and confirm it.

To check if IDM is registered with your account, there are 2 ways that you should try:

1-Inactive Gray Menu Item

  • Open IDM
  • Click on “Registration” menu ( as you did earlier in above steps)
  • Notice the “Registration” menu item, it will be turned to gray and un-clickable. It means that IDM has registered successfully.

2-Details in About box

  • Open IDM
  • Click on Help menu
  • Select About IDM from the menu list. About box will appear.
  • Now check if FULL is added to version number details, as shown in the picture below:

If everything is confirmed, then congratulations, you have registered one of the world’s best download manager.

Now copy your registration information from the email sent from Tonec to some safe place. You’ll surely need it again in future when you want to re-install IDM. Re-installation is required due to various reasons, like you reinstall Windows, IDM stopped working or infected by some virus etc. You are recommended to make more than one copies of registration information such as text file, write on some personal diary or paper, save it in your online cloud storage (but make sure this file or text is set to private, not public or even visible to contacts). If it got leaked, you may have to face troubles. So don’t let this happen.

If you lost your IDM registration information due to some misfortune, negligence or any reason, don’t worry, go to THIS LINK to retrieve your forgotten or lost information.

Image courtesy [IDM]

Download Internet Download Manager for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit)

Get Internet Download Manager

Download Internet Download Manager for Windows 10 for free without any hassle!

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Windows 10, Windows 7, 8x


Windows 10, Windows 7, 8x






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2 GB


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