Uninstalling Microsoft Stock Apps in Windows 11: What You Need to Know

Are you tired of the pre-installed apps cluttering up your Windows 11 system? Good news is on the horizon! Microsoft is making strides in addressing user concerns about the uninstallability of certain stock apps. In this article, we’ll dive into the recent developments and shed light on how you can reclaim control over your Windows 11 experience.

The Frustration of Unremovable Stock Apps

Windows 11, while praised for its sleek interface and enhanced features, has faced criticism for the inability to easily uninstall certain stock apps. A user attempting to remove Microsoft apps through the conventional route of Settings > Apps > Installed Apps would likely encounter a roadblock. Microsoft enforces restrictions on the removal of apps like Photos, Xbox Game Bar, Cortana, and Phone Link, leaving users perplexed and frustrated.

Empowering Users with Workarounds

Resourceful Windows 11 users have been taking matters into their own hands, employing ingenious workarounds to remove undesired apps. By utilizing PowerShell or Winget commands, or leveraging specialized programs such as JunkCtrl and O&O AppBuster, users have managed to uninstall more stock apps, and in some cases, even wipe the slate clean.

Microsoft’s Shift Towards User Freedom

Recent revelations from Microsoft indicate a positive shift in this restrictive landscape. The deprecated Cortana app, for instance, now comes with the option to be uninstalled from the Windows 11 operating system. The impact of this change is tangible in the latest Windows 11 Insider Build (build 25931), which brings forth expanded uninstallation capabilities.

Expanding the Uninstallation Horizon

Microsoft’s official changelog highlights the transformative update: “In addition to the Camera app and Cortana, the Photos app, People app, and Remote Desktop (MSTSC) client can be uninstalled”. This means that Windows 11 users will soon be empowered to bid farewell to the following apps without hassle:

  • Camera
  • Cortana
  • People
  • Photos
  • Remote Desktop (MSTSC)

A Positive Step Forward

While this expanded freedom to uninstall stock apps is a notable stride forward, certain apps remain steadfastly locked. Apps like Phone Link, Microsoft Store, and Get Help remain immune to user-initiated removal. This aspect, while still a point of contention, marks progress in the right direction.

Future Prospects and Expectations

The recent developments have landed in the latest Insider build of Windows 11. As for when these changes will permeate stable versions of the operating system, the upcoming 2023 feature update is a likely contender. However, these enhancements could potentially roll out in subsequent Moments updates, promising an improved and customizable Windows 11 experience.

In conclusion, the tide is turning in favor of Windows 11 users seeking more control over their devices. As Microsoft continues to refine its approach to pre-installed stock apps, the road ahead seems promising. With the ability to uninstall a broader array of applications, users are inching closer to a tailor-made Windows 11 environment that suits their preferences and needs.

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