Microsoft is currently developing ways to declutter the taskbar in Windows 11.

Windows 11 taskbar rounded corners

icrosoft is working on improving the taskbar in Windows 11, and one of the changes includes a new feature that allows users to have a less cluttered taskbar. The taskbar has been rewritten from scratch, but some popular features users have enjoyed for years are still missing. The ability to hide the date, time, and other buttons like the system tray is being tested in the technical preview builds, which would be particularly beneficial for devices with smaller screens or users who prefer a more minimalist appearance.

The feature can be activated by right-clicking the system tray clock and selecting “Adjust date and time” in the Settings. The toggle is currently only available to testers in the Dev channel, but it should arrive in the fall for everyone.

Another planned update includes the ability to ungroup app icons on the taskbar. This feature could be called “never combine my icons on the taskbar,” and it’s expected to arrive with a future Windows 11 update.

One of the significant limitations of the Windows 11 taskbar is that it’s only restricted to the bottom of the screen. Unlike older versions, where the taskbar could be placed at the side or top of the screen, Windows 11 has restricted the taskbar to the bottom of the screen only. Microsoft developers stated the animation flow of the Start menu as the primary reason for this limitation.

As the taskbar has been entirely redesigned in Windows 11, Microsoft is focusing on adding more essential user features, such as drag and drop and the upcoming ‘hide date & time” option. While the flexibility to move the taskbar isn’t considered a priority at Microsoft for now, the company continues to work on improving the taskbar’s performance and features.

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