Windows 10 June 2022 update known issues, Microsoft confirms

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Microsoft confirms new issues in Windows 10 June 2022 updates, including signing in and WiFi hotspot connection failure.

The most significant issues/bugs are:

  • Broken and unable WiFi.
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) may not allow users to sign in.
  • VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, and Outlook can all have problems if they make use of Azure Active Directory.

It’s now possible to download the Windows 10 June 2022 cumulative update for all supported versions of the OS. One of the issues corrected in this month’s cumulative update is that Excel and Outlook won’t open. Internet Explorer’s mode window no longer exhibits the previously mentioned problem.

In the June 2022 Windows 10 update (KB5014699), Microsoft has addressed a number of bugs, but it has also issued a warning. Updated release notes state that the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in Windows 10 June 2022 could be affected by a bug.

As a personal hotspot, smartphones and tablets can now be used to share a super-fast 5G wireless internet connection with a variety of other devices at the same time. It’s also feasible to set up a wireless hotspot on a Windows computer and then make it accessible to other computers. In reality, the built-in hotspot capability in Windows 10 can be used as a Wi-Fi extender.

Wi-Fi hotspots may no longer be available to users of Windows 10 after the June 2022 update. Reports from Feedback Hub have corroborated this:

Network connections were being reset every five minutes after installing KB5014699, which fixed the problem. SMB and IoT device connections are also included in this category. As one of the impacted customers put it, “When I disconnect the Network Bridge, which I require for my work with the IoT device, the problem goes away.”

Internet connection sharing disables the ability to access the web on the computer that shares the connection. In fact, even localhost websites “spin forever and time out” as one user pointed out.

The ability to RDP to other computers connected to the same network adapter as the Internet connection is lost when ICS is enabled,” says the author. I can still telnet into the PC that is sharing the connection at port 3389, but the RDP client just keeps spinning forever with the message “Configuring remote session,” as one of the afflicted users phrased it.

Using the Wi-Fi hotspot capability can cause problems for some users, as Microsoft has now quietly modified its instructions to make this issue more visible. The host device may lose internet connection if you’re afflicted.

As a result, your device’s WiFi may be compromised as a result of this problem. Cumulative updates may have caused issues with internet connectivity on your device recently. Disabling the Wi-Fi hotspot will fix the problem and allow you to use the internet again on the host device. Follow these steps to turn off the WiFi hotspot completely:

Windows 11 WiFi difficulties can be alleviated by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Start menu > Settings.

  2. Open Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot in the Settings menu.

  3. Make sure the option “Share my Internet connection with other devices” is switched off under “Share my Internet connection from.”

Microsoft is also aware of a flaw in the Windows 10 June 2022 update that could prevent users from signing in to Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Apps and services that use Azure Active Directory will be affected, as well as VPN connections, OneDrive, and Outlook for some users, due to this issue.

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