Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.741 and 22623.741 released


Microsoft announced two new Insider Preview builds of Windows 11 being released today: 22621.741 and 22623.741 (KB5018503).

The two new preview builds are named as:

  • Version 22623.741 = Currently adding new functionality.
  • Version 22621.741 = Default disable of new features.

Those Windows Insiders who are currently on Build 22622.601 but who did not receive the notification to upgrade to Build 22623.730 should be able to restart their computers and receive the update.

WARNING: An enablement package will automatically upgrade those Insiders currently on Build 22622 to Build 22623. In order to distinguish between devices running the update with certain features turned off by default and those running the update with all features turned on, the enablement package will artificially increase the update’s build number when new features are rolled out and switched on. For the time being, this method is only being employed in the Beta Channel, and it does not foreshadow any alterations or adjustments to the scheduled releases of the full set of features.

If you’re an insider who joined a group that has new features disabled by default (Build 22621.xxxx), you can check for updates and manually enable the features as they become available (Build

Fixes in 22623.741 Build

[Taskbar designed for tablets]

Please note that these changes will only be visible if the tablet-optimized taskbar is turned on for your device. The updated taskbar for tablets is now only available to Windows Insiders.

  • We corrected an issue where the taskbar would sometimes contract when it should expand if there were no active windows on the desktop.
  • The problem where the Widgets and the Notification Center would overlap or appear truncated by the taskbar when using the left or right edge gestures has been fixed.
  • There was an issue when accessing the overflow flyout from the tablet-optimized taskbar would cause explorer.exe to freeze or crash, but this has now been resolved.

[Changes to the System Tray]

However, these changes will only appear if you have enabled the updated System Tray and the tablet-optimized taskbar. The updated Windows taskbar and System Tray that are suitable for tablets is still in the process of being rolled out to Windows Insiders and is therefore not yet available to the general public.

After fixing an issue, you can once again use touch to change the order of the Quick Settings toggles.

Bug fixes for both 22621.741 and 22623.741

As it pertained to Server Manager, we corrected an issue. When numerous disks have the same UniqueId, it is possible that the wrong disk will be reset.

Issues with localization of certain setup files have been resolved. Because of these obstacles, you may decide against making installation media in languages other than English.

Difficulties Already Recognized


We are investigating allegations that some Insiders’ audio has ceased functioning in recent Beta Channel builds.

[Taskbar designed for tablets]

When switching from a desktop to tablet orientation, the taskbar may briefly flash.

Moving from a desktop to tablet orientation causes the taskbar to take longer than intended to change to a touch-optimized form.

If you swipe up from the bottom right corner to access Quick Settings, the taskbar can get trapped in its extended form instead of collapsing when you release the action.

What You Need to Know About the Beta Channel

In the Beta Channel, we will show off features and functions that are nearly ready for release to the public. While our engineers work on both the Dev and Beta Channels simultaneously, there may be times when the Beta Channel sees new features and experiences first. However, not all features tested on the Beta Channel end up making it to production. Insiders are encouraged to read this post, which details the testing strategies we’ll employ in the Dev and Beta Channels with the help of Insiders.

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