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Well, are you used to playing games from the gamepad? But your favorite game on PC can only be played with the keyboard and mouse? Gamepad not supported? So let's download Xpadder and see if this is possible.
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Download Xpadder – Windows 10 version Free | Latest Xpadder for Windows 10 (64 bit/32 bit).


Xpadder for Windows 10 Description

Download the latest version of Xpadder for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with an offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of Xpadder (64 bit & 32 bit).

Xpadder screenshot

Enjoy the unparalleled joy of gameplay on Windows 10 with the Xpadder game control pad. It’s fun to have it installed on your computer. Once you start using it, you will soon realize you should have it installed along with earlier. It is free for basic and essential usage.

Xpadder Review

Xpadder is a kind of customizable gamepad for playing PC games on computers having no joystick support. It allows full mouse and keyboard emulation. It comes integrated with multiple built-in and customizable controllers, which makes multiplayer gameplay a real fun.

xpadder keyboard keymapping

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xpadder gamepad screenshots

Xpadder for Windows 10 64 bit & 32 bit enables joystick functionality to DOS (Disk Operating System). You can play Internet-based games by using this pad. It supports windows applications web browsers too. You can use free download Xpadder for Windows 7 64 bit as a music/video player for Windows.

xpadder for Windows

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End of Free Version

Please note that Xpadder 5.3 is the last free version available. If you want a later version, you will have to pay for that version. Pro and full versions have extra features, of course. Moreover, the latest updates are dispatched for professional/premium versions. Anyhow, Here is the free version.

Xpadder configurations

Unlike other alternatives to Xpadder GamePad like AntiMicro, JoyToKey, InputMapper, Joystick Mapper, Pinnacle Game Profiler, Joystick 2 Mouse, etc. you will find more options and key mapping flexibility in this software. It is more enjoyable than others in the same category.

It is a beautiful combination of simplicity and power. Installation is more effortless, and the configuration of game keys does not require expertise in gaming technology, fortunately.

screenshot xpadder for windows latest

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Free Download Xpadder for Windows 10 for free without any hassle!


  • Xpadder Free Full setup from the official safe download link
  • Xpadder Latest Version direct link
  • Tested and works with Windows 10 64/32 bit version (x64/x86), including all editions (Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise, etc.).
  • This setup should be compatible with other prior Microsoft Windows versions (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and maybe Vista and XP).
  • Downloadable with your favorite download manager without any bandwidth restrictions.
  • A standard gamepad for almost any PC game.
  • Multiple profile administration using shareable files
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs.
  • Assign keys for games in many ways.
  • Play games with gamepads rather than the traditional keyboard gameplay mode.
  • Mouse simulator for gamepad
  • Easily compatible with steering wheels, guitars, dance mats, drum kits, etc.
  • Keyboard key press buttons access in gamepad
  • Easy to play games on PC without a joystick.

Xpadder Languages

It is available in English ,Deutsch ,Español ,Português (Brasileiro) ,Português (Portugal) ,Italiano ,Français ,Pусский язык ,简体中文 ,正體字 ,Polski and日本語languages.

Xpadder Tutorial

Here is Xpadder Tutorial – Setup / How To Beginner’s Guide – Controller Mapping on Youtube:

Video: Xpadder Tutorial – Setup / How To Beginner’s Guide – Controller Mapping

Video: How to use Xpadder on Windows 10 | Tutorial


Fix: Sometimes, you might face issues like Xpadder not working on Windows 10 or other problems like using controller, the problem with Xbox 360 controller and Xpadder controller mismatch error, application problem, plugins not working, blank screen, failed to set data error, frequent freezing or hanging, game profile, etc. You are welcome to tell us about your Xpadder problems in the comments below.

How to install Xpadder on Windows?

Installation is straightforward. If you can install any software on Windows OS, the Xpadder is just like same to install. Actually Xpadder comes as a portable program. The installer just extracts the files on your specified folder and then open the folder and run the executable file.

  1. Download Xpadder from Windowstan
  2. Run xpadder_5.3.exe file.
  3. Press Accept button.
    Installation - Accept
  4. Choose the folder/directory and click on Extract button.
    Installation - Extract the program files
  5. Now go to your specified folder and run Xpadder.exe file.
    Xpadder install directory

Xpadder FAQs

  • What is Xpadder?
    It is a keyboard and mouse emulator for gamepad/joystick which enables emulate keys and clicks for the game controller.
  • How Xpadder works?
    When you install and configure the Xpadder, it simulates the keyboard strokes. For example, if you configure and assign keys WASD to up, down, left and right buttons of the game controller, the W key will simulate when you press the UP button on the game controller. Similarly, the DOWN key for S, and so on.
  • Why Xpadder is used for PC?
    Xpadder comes handy when you are uncomfortable with keyboard and mouse gameplay. Moreover, some games are truly amazing to play only on gamepads/joystick. But the PC version of game does not natively support gamepads. That’s when you have to install Xpadder to play that specific game using the game-controllers.
  • Is Xpadder latest version free to download?
    The latest version of Xpadder is not free, but the old version is free.
  • Which is the last free version of Xpadder?
    The last free version is 5.3 which released in 2008.
  • How to download Xpadder free full version ?
    Xpadder free version fully works with limited options. But, the free features are enough for most game requirements. However, you can purchase Xpadder latest full version from Xpadder official website for $9.99 only, if you are a pro gamer.

More information about Xpadder

Xpadder is a small and powerful keyboard emulator for your PC gamepad, allowing you to have more control over games that don’t have native gamepad support. Anyone with a few minutes to spare can set up their gamepad to simulate keyboard and mouse in all of their favorite games using a simple toolset and visual interface. Xpadder allows saving presets for numerous games, allowing you to create specific layouts for specific games, classic console emulator software, or even multiple Windows apps, enhancing the app’s usability.

The tool’s creators formerly provided this gamepad emulator for free under a freeware licence, but after years of development, they’ve decided to focus on a commercial version that can be purchased through their website. However, the most recent freeware version is still available online, and it still includes a number of useful utilities that allow gamers to fully control games that lack native gamepad compatibility.

Installing and Using

Xpadder is packaged as a simple installation package that does not require any changes to the operating system or registry. It will simply copy the emulator to the desired location and provide you with a custom location to keep your preset files. After the installation is complete, connect your gamepad, launch the software, and begin generating new presets by assigning keyboard or mouse shortcuts to various gamepad segments. Mouse movement binding may be fine-tuned using a built-in emulator speed option, which includes a test region to ensure the sensitivity is just perfect. All gamepad buttons, sticks, and triggers can be bound (in both normal and “Turbo” mode), and the saved presets can be used again.

The user interface is a little archaic, but it’s simple to use and has just enough features to keep it from being unnecessarily confusing. The app’s primary window shows a graphic representation of the controller, with empty boxes at all of the button locations. The user can bind the desired shortcut by simply clicking on those boxes. Preset saving and loading are located on the top (saving) and bottom (loading) of the programme, respectively.

Xpadder is a simple and compact Windows programme that allows you to use your gamepad in your usual Windows environment without any hassle! It’s absolutely free, and it lets you map keys to the buttons on your Xpadder gamepad with ease. There are various handy capabilities that allow you to perform things like type text into windows, drag windows from one page to another, resize game pads, launch multiple applications at once, edit and restore different game pads, and much more. Support for touch screens, the option to use your keyboard for various input capabilities, and the ability to use several joysticks at the same time are just a few of the more intriguing features. I’ve been using this fantastic software for quite some time now, and I couldn’t be happier.

The bladder’s compatibility with my official Logitech Xpadder wireless controller was the first thing that pleased me about it. It’s fantastic with both of them! The way xpadder smoothly interacts with my Windows system was the second thing that intrigued me about it. Everything worked perfectly when it was installed. Without using the external controller, I can utilize my controller through Windows, display the pad on my computer monitor, enter text into my computer, and move the pad. To top it off, the programme also allows me to play several fun video games, switch from my keyboard to the game pad, and adjust the sensitivity of the game.

Overall, I appreciate using xpadder to play my games. Its simplicity, paired with the most recent version of Windows OS, enables me to play games on a new gaming platform with some expertise. If you want a quick and straightforward way to get a full-featured controller support system for your game console, I highly recommend buying this programme. There are numerous more reasons to obtain this programme as well. You may, for example, get the most recent version of Xbox Kinect directly from their website. This feature alone may persuade you to buy xpadder rather than the packaged version.

It’s crucial to remember that not all games, namely those that use strong anti-cheat security like GameGuard, can be handled using the app. Despite the fact that active development of this freeware version ended in 2008, the free edition of Xpadder still has enough features to satisfy many users.

Highlights & Features

  • On contemporary gamepads, reliable keyboard and mouse emulation.
  • Even in games that don’t support them natively, the rumble and vibration functions are fully supported.
  • Gamepads, joysticks, arcade sticks, gaming guitars, steering wheels, dance mats, and drum kits may all be remapped.
  • Newer input gamepads are compatible.
  • To get complete compatibility for gamepads, enable old games.
  • Continue to play all games with your preferred controller.
  • Both single player and multiplayer games are supported.
  • Fully functional in emulation games.
  • In-browser games that are fully functional.
  • The gamepad can be used to control media players and other Windows software.
  • Up to 16 gamepads can be supported natively.
  • All contemporary Windows versions are supported (XP and newer)
  • It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.
  • Emulation of the entire keyboard and mouse
  • Up to 16 controllers can be used at the same time (multiplayer)
  • Advanced fine-tuning options and rumble force feedback
  • Create a layout for any Windows-capable controller.
  • Using sharable files to handle many profiles
  • Gamepads, joysticks, and arcade sticks are all supported.
  • Also works with steering wheels, dance mats, drum kits, guitars, and other similar items.
  • Read the complete list of features for additional details.
  • What new things can you perform with your controller thanks to Xpadder?
  • Play PC games with a controller that isn’t very good or doesn’t work at all.
  • Emulated, internet browser, and DOS games should all have controller functionality.
  • Play multiplayer games with a gamepad for each player.
  • Use shortcut keys to control video/music players.
  • Any Windows programme can be used with your gamepad.

Note: The most recent freeware release (version 5.3) was in 2008. Newer versions are only available for $9.99 from the developer’s website, xpadder.com.

Assign keyboard keys to game controllers” If you use your gamepad a lot on your Playstation or Xbox system, you might wish to use it and configure its buttons when you connect it to your computer. You enjoy using the keyboard or the mouse to play computer games. So you want to use specific keys to assist you in gaming. Is it even possible? When you have tools like this on your device, everything is possible.

A game controller is included with each game. You enjoy gaming with certain keys, especially if you use them frequently in other games. You can use the same keys in all games, even if they aren’t the game’s default keys. For the greatest gameplay experience, set your favorite combination of keys. Xpadder aligns the keys with the game so that they perform the same functions and provide the same experience.

The toolkit can also perform the following tasks:

Toggles, triggers, shift sets, numerous controllers, and a variety of other functions are available.

They are obliged to utilize the functions keys in some games, and they are unfamiliar with their placement. The negative is that it slows down gaming, making even a decent game tedious due to poor performance. You must concentrate on the placement of the keys, but you have certain keys that you can use without difficulty. It’s a straightforward and user-friendly programme.

It belongs to the tools category and is licenced as shareware for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. It can be downloaded for free and used until the trial period expires. The Xpadder demo is accessible as a free download for all software users, with some limitations compared to the full version.

Download Xpadder

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