Windows 11’s new Search highlight is coming to all PCs

Windows 11 Search Highlights

All Windows 11 PCs will soon be able to make use of the new Search highlight.

When Windows 11 21H2 launches, Microsoft plans to include a new taskbar feature dubbed ‘Search Highlights’ that has been tested by Windows Insiders in both Beta and Dev channels. This is a brand-new technique of making Bing material more easily discoverable without interfering with the user’s experience, called Search highlights.

Fun illustrations have been added to Windows 11’s Search home page and the bar at the bottom of the Search panel. In an effort to help you stay connected and productive, this will help you find more information from Bing. The Search Highlights function, according to Microsoft, is meant to highlight intriguing and important events.

Holidays, anniversaries, and other worldwide events can all be included in these celebrations. As of today, Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044.1618 (KB5011543) is available in the Release Preview Channel and includes this functionality as an option. Features from this version are likely to appear in the next security update.

Taking a closer look at the Search highlights in Windows 11

In the next days, Windows 11’s new Search Highlights feature will be widely available to all users.

It may sound like a good idea at first, but this is just another attempt to push material from MSN and Bing to Windows customers.

By incorporating the feature onto the taskbar, Microsoft is hoping to increase the number of people who see the content.

As Microsoft says, “Explore more material in search home connected to every moment, including daily content like word of the day, Microsoft Rewards offers, trending searches and more.”

Even though the search highlights can be turned off, it is still possible to revert back to the old but slightly altered UI.

If you’re using Windows 10, you may disable Bing’s Search Highlight by selecting “Show search highlights” from the context menu when you right-click on the taskbar’s “Search” button.

The highlights integration can be turned off in Windows 11 by accessing Privacy & Security in the Settings app. The Microsoft 365 Admin Center gives administrators complete control over the feature, including the ability to switch it on or off.

In addition, Microsoft’s search highlights feature is designed for your workflow, so if you have a work or school Microsoft Account linked to the operating system, you will receive content recommendations based on the organization’s interests. Files and contacts of the organization are the main emphases of this section.

Microsoft’s latest optional preview update includes enhancements to the search experience as well as fixes for a number of issues and hiccups in the operating system. Using an Android device to sign into Microsoft Outlook and Teams is now possible again, thanks to an update from Microsoft.

Users who upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 were unable to do so because of ambiguous error messages.

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