The taskbar in Windows 11 will have more dynamic stuff in it

Windows 11 Search and dynamic content

You may expect more dynamic material in the taskbar in Windows 11.

The Widgets drawer, a reimagining of Windows 10’s News and Interests, is a standout feature in Windows 11. While the News and Interests section in Windows 10 focuses on news and headlines relevant to your personal interests, the Widgets section in Windows 11 provides quick access to a variety of information, including news, weather, sports scores, and stock prices.

Additionally, the Widgets board in the taskbar displays information about the current temperature and weather. Microsoft is introducing a new feature called “dynamic content for taskbar” that will allow the taskbar to display dynamic updates. The taskbar’s dynamic updates are currently confined to the weather, although this may alter in the near future.

Users will soon be able to see financial and other updates thanks to the incorporation of widgets into the taskbar. Furthermore, the functionality remains the same, with notifications appearing in the taskbar without the need to click on an icon. The sports and finance widgets, as shown in the screenshot below, will provide real-time updates to the taskbar.

The weather, sports, and finance widgets in your taskbar will automatically switch when you click on them. Microsoft also intends to use the taskbar to send out breaking news alerts.

As a result of the new dynamic taskbar, Microsoft is confident that its customers will be better informed and “kept up to speed on the latest breaking news.”

If you’d like to learn more about a specific issue, you can click on one of these alerts to access the widgets board. However, if you don’t engage with the update for a few seconds, the taskbar will go back to the weather.

In the Dev Channel, Microsoft is presently testing this feature, but it is expected to make its way to Windows 11 22H2 as well.

Changes to the taskbar are on the horizon

Windows 11’s taskbar will include a new feature called search bar,’ which is comparable to Windows 10’s search box, as we recently revealed.

Windows 11’s taskbar lacks a search box, unlike Windows 10. Rather, a little search symbol sits right next to the Windows Start button. In Windows 11, Microsoft intends to bring back the same search bar, but it will just open the existing Windows Search panel.

Unfortunately, Windows 11’s current releases still lack a full right-click menu, which was removed from the original release. This capability is also missing, and Microsoft has already stated that capabilities like the ability to shift the taskbar would not be added to Windows anytime soon.

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