How to install windows 10 [step by step guide]

here is a complete tutorial : how to install windows 10 step by step full guide

Step no.1:

The first step to install Windows 10 is that your Windows 10 installation file must be loaded onto a disc or a USB. Therefore it then must be inserted into the computer for the further process. Thus, you should have the installation tool on your PC, otherwise, you have to get it through the windows web page.

Step no.2:

Now, click on the start menu and go on the RESTART BUTTON, click on the button and your computer will now restart.

Step no.3:

After restarting when the window starts to open up, hold the delete button and press F2 which will lead you to the setup menu.

Step no.4:

Go to the boot tab and through the arrow select it. The Boot tab may say Boot Options which is depending on your computer’s manufacturing


Step no .5:

Select a device from which to boot. You have a couple of options here as follows:

* For a USB flash drive, select the Removable Devices option.

* For a disc installation, select the CD-ROM Drive option.

Step no.6:

Press the plus(+) key until your boot option is the first one. Once either Removable Devices or CD-ROM Drive is at the top of the list, your computer will select your choice. Therefore on some computers, you’ll instead press some other option for the process.

Step no.7:

After all that now, you should see a key prompt at the bottom of the screen that is related to “Save and Exit” after pressing it you should save your settings and restart your computer. Perhaps, you may have to press ↵ Enter to confirm the changes.

Step no.8:

Once your computer is finished with restarting, you will now see a window here with data. Now you are now ready to begin setting up your Windows 10 installation


Step no.9:

Now you will set up the language regarding your area, your time and the keyboard input methods.

Step no.10:

There will be an option stating INSTALL NOW, click on that and move forward there will be a set of agreement known and terms and condition which you’ll click as I ACCEPT ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITION and move to the next page.

Step no.11:

There is a top of the line stating  “Which type of installation do you want?” in a window. You can click Custom instead to clean install Windows 10 on your computer.

Step no.12:

Now, wait for the windows to get installed it may take half an hour or several hours aswell sometimes depending on the computer speed and the previous operating system.

Step no.13:

Once Windows 10 has been installed on your computer, you will now be able to customize its settings (e.g., your region, your preferred language, location settings). Once you finish this process, you will be taken to your computer’s main desktop.

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