WSL 0.65.1 is now available for Insider rings

WSL update for insiders

The latest Windows Subsystem for Linux upgrade is available to all Insiders, regardless of the ring.

  • Version 0.65.1 of the Windows Subsystem for Linux has just been released.
  • Once Insiders have received the update, it will be rolled out to everyone else at a later date.
  • As a result of the upgrade and Microsoft, WSL now runs on Linux kernel
  • Version of WSLg is now available.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) has been updated to version 0.65.1 by Microsoft. It is available to all Windows Insiders, regardless of the ring they are currently in. The update will be made generally available after it has received good feedback and has been evaluated for quality.

Microsoft’s Linux on Windows team manager, Ben Hillis, announced the upgrade through Twitter. That’s why they made it clear that all Insiders would get it.

Better performance and more accurate reporting of bind failures are now possible thanks to upgrades to the localhost relay.

In order to keep the guest’s chock in sync with the host’s, use /dev/ptp0

Wsl.exe should be able to display an error message if the list of available distros is unavailable, and it should be connected to the command line option -l.

Updating the Linux kernel to

Fix regressions in the 9p filesystem since the previous WSL2 v5.10 kernel

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock device can now be supported.

Builds with x86 64 architecture should enable Retbleed mitigations.

Set up nftables and implement traffic management

The VGEM driver should be enabled.

Microsoft.WSLg should be updated to version 1.0.41.

Add the standard X11 bell sound to WSLg

To set the default user for WSLg, edit /etc/wsl.conf and add the following line:

WSLGd: add a start-weston option to the gdbserver command line

simplifying the command line construction for weston in WSLGd

Add wslgd-notify to the composition, please.

Stop capturing SIGINTs, Composer!

Xwayland should be loaded last in the compositor.

Adjust margins for PDU SnapArrange/MoveWindow/Snap

rdpaudio: instead of pthread kill, use pthread cancel

make sure Xwayland has a separate session

Keep focus on the current window while using override redirect windows, xwayland

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