[Ultimate Fix] uBlock Origin Not Blocking Twitch Ads

FIX uBlock Origin NOT Blocking Twich Ads

If you use the uBlock Origin plugin update, when you search online, you still aren’t used to displaying advertisements. But Twitch makers, even though you have an ad blocker enabled, are still searching for ways to show you advertisements.

FIX uBlock Origin NOT Blocking Twich Ads

Twitch displays non-skippable hidden advertisements at the beginning of the video to monetize the live streams. Twitch Prime users also use these advertisements. Although adblockers can disable these advertisements, some users have stated that uBlock does not block Twitch ads when watching material from Twitch. This is attributed to the elimination of all the client-side patches that blocked advertising by Twitch developers. On uBlock Root, you can resolve this restriction by downloading the Twitch HLC AdBlock extension.

Twitch is battling back against the Ublock app that has helped consumers get past Twitch’s advertising by pushing them to watch at 480p and lower resolutions. Twitch’s advertisements were never that much of a problem for fans, at least that was the case before Twitch launched compulsory mid-roll ads in September of this year.

It’s like a cat and mouse puzzle, and you’re only on this page because the uBlock Root filters haven’t yet kept up with the new Upgrade to Twitch.

The decision led countless numbers to search for ways to get around these nuisances that might theoretically destroy sources, and many found themselves utilizing uBlock Roots, which virtually eliminated the platform’s pre-roll and mid-roll advertising.

Twitch is now battling back with uBlock users who complain that resolutions as low as 360p have been limited.

The thought of moving back to an ad-filled Twitch is the last thing you want to do if you’ve found yourself reading this, but let’s not screw around and dig through the repairs.

To disable advertising on Twitch and related video streaming platforms, you will use AdBlock. Visit our website to add it to your browser if you’re new to AdBlock and would like to install it to block Twitch advertisements.

As you are using AdBlock on Twitch, there are some things to keep in mind:

Ads can be enabled on your favourite channels. While still supporting your favourite Twitch streamers, do you want to block ads everywhere else? AdBlock allows you to do so. Open the AdBlock options page by clicking the AdBlock icon in your browser’s toolbar and then clicking the AdBlock icon in the upper-right corner of the AdBlock menu. Make sure to enable “Allow ads on specific Twitch channels” from the General tab.

Visit any Twitch stream after this setting is allowed (and you have restarted your browser), and click “Enable advertising on this channel” to add that channel to your “Allowlist.” This would prevent adblocking on that particular channel while also blocking ads anywhere else.

Blocking the ad on Twitch implies hiding it. We can’t use our usual approaches to stop them because of how Twitch advertisements are introduced into the video stream. Instead, on Twitch, we have to cover and mute advertising. This ensures the video player can display a static and muted screen throughout an ad (see screenshot below). The video player will go back to normal after the ad is done.

uBlock Origin and Twitch facts

Maybe you will still see an occasional ad. For any ad blocker, it is tough to block ads on Twitch. Since Twitch ads are inserted directly into the video stream, before the site can download them, ad blockers must “race” to block ads on Twitch streams. This implies that while AdBlock does block Twitch ads before you see it, we may not be able to catch every single ad. A simple page refresh should eliminate them if you see occasional unblocked ads on Twitch while using AdBlock.

On Twitch, are you experiencing other problems? Although we have tested as thoroughly as possible the code we use to block ads on Twitch, you may encounter an edge case that we could not anticipate. You shouldn’t be bombarded with Twitch advertisements, though we expect the odd Twitch ad to get through, and your Twitch player should function without any significant problems. Please let us know by opening a ticket if you have Twitch symptoms beyond only watching the odd commercial. To help us solve problems, please provide AdBlock’s debugging details.

To start blocking advertisements on Twitch again, this guide will teach you how to repair your uBlock Origin extension. Now, without being distracted by commercials, you can enjoy your beloved gamers too, and you can switch channels without worrying, you would be greeted with a 30-second commercial.

Hopefully, uBlock Root will quickly catch up! It’s safer to use the ideas presented below before then. Check back regularly for changes & further possible fixes to this website. Whenever uBlock Origin solves the error, we’ll also add a comment at the end.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using Google Chrome, but if you’re using another application, you should be able to reproduce the steps.

You can solve this dilemma in many forms. We advise you to go for our first approach.

In this post, let’s go over the measures you should take to repair the uBlock on Twitch videos that do not block advertising.

To retain your high definition (1080p+) replay and no advertising, we have alternatives for you that you will have to do daily.

Maybe the other is a more long-term remedy, but it requires trading several features.

Fix 1: Add Window Plugin for TTV Ad-Block

There is a lightweight plugin that helps you to disable advertisements on Twitch (thanks to /u / Chesbro’s). The extension is relatively simple and changes your browser’s user agent to Googlebot, so Twitch thinks that you’re Google and therefore it doesn’t show any ads.

Ensure that the previous patch stated in the next fix is not used and that you do not have Twitch.tv ‘s Alternative Player available.

For stopping Twitch pre-roll and mid-roll advertising, obey these instructions:

Google Chrome

  1. Download the extension.
  2. Unzip it somewhere in a new folder where it won’t annoy you since the extension would also be removed by deleting the folder.
  3. Open the Extensions tab.
  4. Google Chrome How Plugins should be accessed.
  5. Ensure that Developer mode is allowed in the upper right-hand corner
  6. Extensions of Google Chrome Developer mode
  7. Tap on the top-left corner of Load Unpacked.
  8. Unpacked extension to Google Chrome Load
  9. Navigate to the folder you have just unpacked, and before pressing Select Folder, make sure that you are inside it.

The extension is now installed, and advertising can now be disabled on Twitch.

As stated earlier, make sure that you do not uninstall the folder you have extracted, as the extension would also be deleted.

Firefox from Mozilla

  1. Here, download the extension.
  2. Underneath your Firefox address bar, a popup should appear. If it pops up, click on the Proceed to the Install button and then on the Connect button.
  3. Popup for Firefox TTV Ad Block

The extension is now installed, and advertising on Twitch can no longer be displayed.

Fix 2: Utilizing a Custom Resource for a Customer

Note: This patch is not operating, but the creator is currently modifying it, so be sure to check back for an update.

Set an unset value in step # 6 to uninstall the patch, and then follow the rest of the steps. Maybe you’ll get pre-roll advertising again, though.

Unfixed uBlock Root UserResourcesLocation

In certain instances, this patch has been confirmed to be working. It often requires two minutes to do it, but we suggest that you first attempt this.

  • To access the extension box, click on the uBlock Origin extension button.
  • To open the dashboard, click on the bottom-right icon that displays three sliders.
  • Open uBlock Dashboard of Origin
  • On the Configuration tab, press.
  • Check I’m an expert consumer checkbox (requires reading)
  • Select the setup icon right next to the text above.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and set the position of UserResources to
  • https:/ttv-ublock.vercel.app/twitch-videoad.js-uplock.vercel.app
  • November 2020 Twitch Ads uBlock Root Fix
  • If you already have it set to something, then only add a space after the whitespace and add the URL above.
  • In the end, press the Add Changes button.
  • Exit from the tab
  • On the Filter Lists page, press
  • Click the All Caches Purge tab.
  • Click the Upgrade Now button and wait a little while.
  • Exit your (all windows) browser

And it is pretty much that!

You can now delete all pre-rolls, and you can search Twitch channels securely without having any pre-rolls. Whenever you have a purple panel at the top of the Twitch logo, that indicates the commercials are deliberately missed.

To load the stream without an ad instantly, only click F5 (refresh). This is all Twitch to uninstall the extension by irritating uBlock Origin users.

You can also double-click on the “Reset Player” icon if you have the FFZ plugin loaded on your browser. This is a lot smoother because the chat won’t be reset.

Twitch Reset Match for FFZ

This method can be automated, and you can, therefore watch Twitch again without any interruptions. However, a few more measures are required. Read on to learn how to do it.

How to restart the Twitch Player immediately when the purple screen appears.

Third-Party Tool Twitch

It would help if you stopped watching this screen every 20 minutes and refreshing the page or player.

Download the chrome plugin FFZ (FrankerFaceZ) if you do not already have it.

If you do not already have the Tampermonkey chrome plugin, add it.

Please visit this URL and copy the page material (press CTRL+A to pick all and then CTRL+C to copy)

Click the extension icon for Tampermonkey, and then click Build New Script …

Chrome Generates a new script for Tampermonkey.

Delete the file editor and insert the text that you have copied.

Click File, then click Save.

Chrome Save a script from Tampermonkey

And it’s pretty much that. The script watches the Twitch player, and it will immediately refresh the player without refreshing the entire page if it senses the purple “third party tool” screen.

The method is rapid, and the script should not introduce a visible output hit as it is straightforward and lightweight. You can still either disable the script or uninstall Tampermonkey if you encounter some issues.

The audio does appear to be reset, but you can go to the FFZ settings if it seems inadequate and activates the audio compressor by design. This is how:

Twitch FrankerFaceZ Audio Compressor Activated

Alternatively, it would help if you used the Chrome extension of Volume Leader.

Fix 3: Utilizing the Twitch.tv Extension Alternative Player

In certain instances, this patch has already been confirmed to be working.

An optional Chrome player plugin for Twitch.tv provides this update, which would turn the current Twitch player to a custom one. One big downside is that (around 30 seconds) the stream would be delayed a little.

The custom/alternate player does not insert ads, so you can also get rid of the Twitch ad issue.


A new toggle/button will appear in Twitch streams in the top-right corner after installing the extension. By right-clicking it, the alternate player becomes the default one.

Twitch Toggle Alternate Player for

It would be best if you pressed the channel name on the top-left to leave the alternate viewer and switch back to the regular Twitch player.

Fix 4: The VODD Watch

You can view VOD (Video On Demand) if you can stop talking, cope with a little wait, want the option to skip forward and rewind. If there are some, uBlock prevents any VOD pre-roll and mid-roll advertising.

The VOD is still being made, even though the stream you want to see is live, and you can play it instead.

Tap on the streamer button below the viewer to play Twitch VOD. Then press the Videos tab and select the most current VOD edition.

The VOD thumbnail will be grey with a player icon if the streamer is live.


The most straightforward approaches to get rid of Twitch advertising are the two fixes presented above.

Embedded pre-roll advertisements can not be noticed often, though, because those will be played. Hopefully, these problems will be resolved quickly enough that you can move channels until the stream begins to function without any chance of advertisements playing.

You should try out Twitch Turbo if you’re viewing on your smartphone and want a completely ad-free experience independent of platform and channel.

Methods of alternative:

How do I resolve the uBlock Origin does not block Twitch ads?

1. Usage HLS AdBlock Twitch

No blocking of Twitch ads by uBlock Root

Check and download Twitch HLS AdBlock from Github for the new version.

Unzip the downloaded FileFile into a directory and notice the route as it needs to be reached later.

Open and enter the following from Google Chrome. Hit join. Enter.


Make sure the Developer Mode is allowed.

Please press Load Unpacked.

Navigate to the extracted directory, and within the Twitch HLS AdBlock folder, pick the Extension folder.

No blocking of Twitch ads by uBlock Root

To install the extension, press Select Folder and wait for Chrome.

Relaunch Google Chrome after it is enabled and visit Twitch. Try opening every video or stream to see if it still displays the advertising.

Firefox For

No blocking of Twitch ads by uBlock Root

Downloading the Twitch HLS AdBlock xpi file extension.

On your machine, open Firefox.

In the search bar, enter the following to open the addons section.

Regarding: addons

Click Equipment (the top-right gear icon).

From a file, pick Install Add-on.

Please pick the xpi update file and press Open.

I am not running Twitch adblocking.

Next, when a Firefox prompt occurs, press the Add icon.

Relaunch Firefox once installed. If the advertisements are still on, free Twitch and search.

2. Using AdBlock

Not running Twitch adblocking.

AdBlock is a standard plugin for ad blockers, like Chrome and Firefox, running on various platforms. Unlike Ublock, AdBlock’s block Twitch advertisements have a higher performance rate.

The add-on can be downloaded from the AdBlock website and installed. When you glance at your smartphones, it even operates on Android and iOS computers.

Not only does AdBlock prevent pre-roll embedded advertising, but it also blocks popups, advertisements, and video ads that begin loading as soon as a web page is accessed.

Another additional value involves the option of anonymity that prohibits marketers from watching internet behaviour.

Learn how to patch AdBlock not functioning on the Twitch topic if AdBlock fails to interrupt Twitch advertising.

3. For Twitch.tv, use the Alternative Player

Not running Twitch adblocking.

Try downloading the Alternative Player extension for Twitch Tv if you would like to use uBlock Origin without any add-ons. The main benefit of using Alternate Player is that it helps you to use uBlock Origin to circumvent embedded advertising.

Alternate Player Download for Firefox

Alternate Player for Chrome Download

Thanks to the recent updates introduced to Twitch.tv, uBlock Root would not block the problem of Twitch ads, which prohibits ad blockers from removing advertisements.

However, by either inserting the Twitch HDLS AdBlock extension or utilizing the Alternative Player, you can circumvent this limit.

FAQs: Read more about uBlock Root Not Blocking Issue with Twitch Advertising

Does uBlock Origin block commercials on Twitch?

Indeed. Yes. UBlock Root prevents advertising on Twitch. Occasionally, though, it can fail to avoid pre-roll embedded advertising.

How can I block Twitch advertisements?

To avoid Twitch commercials, you will use Ad-Block. If it doesn’t work, here’s how to repair the Ad Block that doesn’t block the Twitch advertising issue.

How to circumvent a barrier of anti-ads?

Through removing JavaScript, or using Tampermonkey in your browser, you will render your ad-block undetectable.

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