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Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 is a productivity suite with a bundle of all possible applications that are considered for document and office management stuff. It has many tools for creating and managing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, database etc. You can customize their selection during installation. None of other is offering such a great variety of applications in a single suite.


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Links to Download MS Office 2021 full versions

Download Office 2021 Professional Plus [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac

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Download Microsoft Office 2021 (Offline installer) IMG/ISO files for Windows 10 version Free. Here you will get the Microsoft Office 2021 latest and updated version for Windows 11 and 10 (64-bit/32-bit).

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How download the ISO/IMG Files and Offline Installer for Office 20211?
The Offline Installer for Office 2021 and the ISO image for MS Office 2021 can be obtained in a couple of distinct ways. Let’s have a look at how to obtain Office 2021 offline installer instead of the web-based installer.


Microsoft Office for Windows 10 Description

Download the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64 BIT/32 BIT) with the official direct download link with the offline installer standalone setup. This direct link allows high speed fastest full bandwidth download of Microsoft Office (64 bit & 32 bit).

Using new features in the 2021 version will help you stay more productive, smarter at presentation, and accomplish tasks even faster.

Office 2021 is exclusively available on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Any earlier version, including Windows 8 and Windows 7 will not be able to install Office 2021.

Microsoft Office 2021 Review

Microsoft Office 2021 is a productivity package that comes with a complete set of programs. Document and office management employees will benefit greatly from these tools.

It comes with a variety of tools for generating and managing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and other types of files. During installation, you can change their options.

None of the others provide such a wide range of applications in one package.

You can use it with your Outlook account if you utilize Office sign in. It’s possible that some important information and settings will be saved and synced.

To write and organize documents, use Word 2021. You can handle papers of any size with ease. You can include a cover page, table of contents, glossary, text content, pictures, shapes, and charts in a basic letter to large books.

The leading office documents management suite in the globe is Office 2021. It is built on a foundation of years of experience and dedicated developers. The following applications are included in this package:

  • Word 2021 for producing the best document ever.
  • Excel 2021for dealing with spreadsheets.
  • PowerPoint 2021is a perfect suite to build impressive and interactive multimedia presentations.
  • Access 2021to create and manipulate complex databases in an effortless way by using the visual environment.
  • Outlook 2021for managing e-mails
  • Project 2021to plan, manage, and deliver projects efficiently.
  • Publisher 2021is a perfect tool to enhance productivity by creating your marketing materials.
  • Visio 2021helps you create and modify pre-made shapes and diagrams to deliver your ideas in visual form.
  • OneNote 2019 is like a notebook, take notes and access anywhere online in the world.

What’s New in Microsoft Office 2021

Office 2021 looks like Microsoft Office 2019 at first glance, and even further. That is true that Office 2021 has most features based on Office 2016 with a few new features. Let’s have a look at what new features introduced in the 2021 version of Office:

What’s New in Office 2021

What’s New in Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 (Office 16’s third perpetual release) is a version of the Microsoft Office suite of software for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

It was published on October 5, 2021, shortly after Windows 11 was released, and it is the successor of Office 2019.

Office 2021, as the third perpetual edition of Office 16, keeps the same version number as its predecessors. New dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP tools for Excel, true dark mode compatibility, and speed enhancements are also included. 

Office 2021 retail support will cease on October 13, 2026; unlike previous versions of Office, there will be no ongoing support tenure.

New co-authoring features, inking tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, ease-of-use features, and more are all available in Office 2021. Take a look at what’s available right now.

Note: For business clients, some of the capabilities listed below are not available in Office LTSC 2021. If a feature does not apply to Office LTSC 2021 for commercial clients, it is noted.

Important: If you have Office as part of a Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) plan, it is not the same as Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021.

You don’t require Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021 if you already use Microsoft 365 or if your organization has implemented Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus) to your users.

You already have all of the features in Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021, as well as many more that aren’t in Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021.

Office 2021 Editions

  • Office Home & Student 2021
  • Office Home & Business 2021
  • Office Professional 2021

Office 2021 New Features

Documents with co-authors

You can collaborate on the same document with others in real time with real-time co-authoring. There’s no need to send further notes or emails because if a file is updated, everyone will be notified.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been updated.

Note that Office LTSC 2021 does not support co-authoring.

With modern comments, teamwork is improved.

Have complete control over when you send comments to your co-authors and be more productive with a unified commenting experience across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been updated.

Note that Office LTSC 2021 does not support modern comments.

You should be aware of who is included in your paper.

Know who else would be working on the document with you and where they are in it. This knowledge can be found in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all been updated.

Note: In Office LTSC 2021, this feature is not available.

Revitalize your appearance

Work with a new Start experience and ribbon tabs that have been redesigned. Monoline iconography, a neutral color palette, and softer window corners create a clean, simple aesthetic. These upgrades use simple images to express action and give functionality.

New in: Access Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint, Visio Word Project Publisher

Note: In Office LTSC 2021, visual refresh is not available.

Glance to the left, look to the right… XLOOKUP is now available!

With XLOOKUP, you can find anything you need in a table or range row by row.

New in: Excel

Arrays that change over time

Return an array of values from a single formula. FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY are six new functions that speed up calculations and insights.

New in: Excel

LET function

The LET function gives names to the results of calculations. This enables you to save interim calculations, values, or names within a formula.

New in: Excel

XMATCH Function

The XMATCH function searches an array or range of cells for a specified item and returns the item’s relative location. XMATCH can also return an array value.

New in: Excel

Views from the sheet

Create custom views in an Excel spreadsheet without interfering with the work of others.

New in: Excel

Note that Excel LTSC 2021 does not support sheet views.

Ribbon for easy access

All of the tools you need to produce accessible content are conveniently located on the Accessibility ribbon.

New in: Excel

Excel LTSC 2021 does not include the Accessibility ribbon.

Record Slide Show has been revamped.

Presenter video, ink recording, and laser pointer recording are now supported by Record Slide Show.

New in: PowerPoint

Ink Replay – Ink Object Slide Animation

You can now use ink to apply the new Replay or Rewind animation and get the drawing effect right in your presentations. You can change the animations’ timing to make them faster or slower to match the experience you want.

New in: PowerPoint

Arrange items on your presentations to make them accessible to screen readers.

Consider the pieces in screen-reading order and rearrange them as needed to effectively deliver your idea.

New in: PowerPoint

Link to a presentation

Invite a colleague to contribute to your slide deck, and point them to the slide you require assistance on.

New in: PowerPoint

Note: In PowerPoint LTSC 2021, there is no way to link to a specific slide.

In Outlook, there’s a translator and ink.

Within Outlook, you can instantly translate email messages into more than 70 languages and examine the transcript.

Use your finger, pen, or mouse to annotate email images or doodle on a separate canvas.

New in:  Outlook

Use Instant Search in Outlook to find emails fast.

To find email messages anywhere in Outlook, use the search box (found above the Outlook ribbon).

New in:  Outlook

Dark Mode helps to relieve eye fatigue.

You could previously use Word with a dark ribbon and toolbars, but the colour of your document remained brilliant white. Dark Mode in Word now includes a dark canvas.

New in: Word

Line Focus can help you understand things better.

In Word, go line by line through a document without being distracted. Change the emphasis to show one, three, or five lines at a time.

New in: Word

See what’s new in the world of stock media.

The Office Premium Creative Content collection, a selected library of stock pictures, icons, and more that helps you express yourself, is growing all the time.

New in: Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook Visio

Microsoft Search can help you find what you’re looking for.

The new Microsoft Search box appears at the top of your Microsoft Office programmes on Windows. From text to instructions to assistance and more, this powerful tool lets you quickly locate what you’re looking for.

New in: Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote

Increase the number of people who see your content.

Accessibility Checker monitors your documents and alerts you in the status bar if it discovers anything you should investigate. Click Review > Check Accessibility to give it a shot.

New in: Word Excel PowerPoint

Improvements in performance

In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, you’ll notice increased performance, stability, and speed.

SUMIF, COUNTIF, and AVERAGEIF are typical Excel functions that can speed up calculations.

New in: Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook

Draw tab has been updated.

All of your inking tools may be accessed and changed in one spot.

With the new Draw tab features of Point Eraser, Ruler, and Lasso, you can simplify how you work with ink.

New in: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

As you make modifications, save them.

To ensure that all of your updates are stored automatically, upload your files to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.

New in: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3 support

Support for the OpenDocument format (ODF) 1.3 has been added. Many new functionalities are supported by the ODF 1.3 specification.

New in: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Refresh, relink, or delete the tables that are linked.

The revised Linked Table Manager allows you to view and manage all data sources and linked tables in an Access database from a single location. See all of the changes we’ve made to the Linked Table Manager as a result of your suggestions.

New in: Access

In Access, try out the new Date/Time Extended data type.

We’ve added the SQL DateTime2 data type to Access to improve SQL syntax compatibility and increase accuracy and depth of detail in records that include dates and times.

New in: Access

In Access, keep track of your database objects.

The active tab is plainly visible, and you can easily drag tabs around to reorganize them. Database objects may be closed with a single click.

New in: Access

In Visio, there are new Azure stencils and shapes.

We’ve introduced a ton of new stencils to make it easier for you to create up-to-date Azure diagrams. These new stencils may be used to create Azure diagrams for network topologies, virtual machine settings, and processes, among other things.

New in: Visio

In Visio, new AWS stencils and shapes have been included.

Another big cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, has introduced infrastructure forms (AWS). Stencils can now be used with the latest AWS shapes to aid in the creation of diagrams.

New in: Visio

Workplace content for social distancing planning

Many workplaces will need to be redesigned to comply with the current social distancing requirements. This new Visio template, together with the Workplace Social Distancing stencil, offer a variety of scaled and unscaled shapes, fill patterns, and line patterns to aid in the process.

New in: Visio

Try out the sketched outline.

With the Sketched style outline, you can give shapes in your presentations a casual, hand-drawn look.

Under Format Shape > Line > Sketched, try the Curved, Freehand, or Scribble choices.

New in: Word Excel PowerPoint

Choose the ideal color.

We’ve introduced a new input area for Hex color values to the Colors dialogue, based on your feedback. You won’t have to waste time converting Hex color values to RGB color values any more.

You can now enter a Hex color value in the Hex box for any property where you can define a color, such as #0F4C81 or 444.

New in: Access Excel OneNote Outlook PowerPoint Project Publisher Visio Word.

How Office 2021 is better than Previous Versions?

Microsoft has been working on their office suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and many more individual programs, since the 1990s. Create, edit, distribute, and collaborate on text-based documents with Office 2021 Professional Plus Download 64 Bit ISO.

In comparison to the 102 languages supported by Office 2019, 113 are available in Office 2021 around the globe. There are significant improvements over earlier versions that are missing from Office 2021.

The optimal package for your needs can be found among the four options available: Home and Student, Professional, Professional Plus, and Home and Business. Unlike previous versions of Office, support for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 Download Offline Installer retail versions will terminate on October 13, 2026.

Alternatives to Office 2021

There are some alternatives to Office 2021 , but after some tests, we suggest that Office 2021 is the best productivity suite at this time. LibreOffice and OpenOffice are excellent, but if you have to deal with massive files with a lot of content, they get slow while loading and saving the file. Sometimes this loading time becomes unbearable. Maybe they fix it in the future, but at this time, Office 2021 is the best substitute for its price.

Office 2021 can be downloaded and used for free as a trial version. The trial version is usable for some days (usually 60 days), which is adequate. Download it and try for free.

Microsoft does not allow its products and installer to be hosted on other servers. So we will take you to Microsoft’s official download link for Office 2021.

A few alternatives to Microsoft Office 2021 are:

Other alternatives are:

Download Microsoft Office for Windows (64 bit/32 bit)

Office 2021 Offline Installer / ISO image files

The Offline Installer and ISO/IMG Files for Office 2021 are available for download. Along with Windows 11, Microsoft released Office 2021 on October 5, 2021. It is the successor of Office 2019. XLOOKUP for Excel, new dynamic arrays, full support for dark mode, speed enhancements, and other exciting upgrades and new stuff are just a few of the new features and changes coming to Office in 2021.

While the Internet does provide a wide selection of office software, not all of it is legitimate. To help you avoid downloading a fake copy of Microsoft Office, we’ve provided a link to the official MS Office 2021 Offline Installer file for 32-64-bit Windows PCs in this post. You don’t have to fill out any kind of survey to get it, just click the link and download it.

The benefits of using the offline installer for Office 2021

Since its debut, Microsoft Office has been a standard of workplaces of all sizes, from those just starting out to multinational conglomerates. The installers for Office 2021 are accessible for download on Microsoft’s official website, but the actual product itself does not download as a full download. Only a small sized file downloads that actually works as download manager for Office 2021. The major drawback is you can not reuse it. Every time you need to install Office, all the download will start from zero, means a lot of bandwidth loss.

Honestly, the installer file’s size is the main issue. If you are not connected to the internet, downloading the installer files and running them will result in a manual installation of Microsoft Office from the back-end servers. This is why you need access to the complete Microsoft Office installation files for use in a non-networked environment.

You may manage your day-to-day activities with ease by downloading and installing MS Office 2021 ISO on your PC. It’s really easy to use and allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

Download Office 2021 Offline Setup using Microsoft Account

There is a typical way to download  Offline installer of Office 2021. Though, the risk rate is almost zero as you actually sign up or sign in using Microsoft account on Office official website. However, downloading office this way is time-consuming, and painful for most users.

If you prefer, you can proceed with the following method.

Obtaining the Offline Installer for Office Home and Business 2021 is as easy as following the procedures listed below:

  1. Check out, the canonical online home of Microsoft Office.
  2. Using your Microsoft account, please sign in now. Visit the homepage if you have already registered.
  3. Then, select Other Install Options after clicking the Install Office button.
  4. Select the language you’d want to use while installing Office, and then click the box labeled “Download an offline installer.”
  5. As soon as the download is finished, click the Download button.
  6. Simply launch File Explorer and navigate to the newly created virtual drive where the Office setup files have been placed.
  7. Next, double-click the “Office” folder you just selected. Pick whether you want to use Office 64 bits or 32 bits.
  8. To install Office 32-bit, select Setup32.exe; to install Office 64-bit, select Setup64.exe.
  9. After the file is installed, you can launch Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office 2021 ISO / IMG File (Direct Download Link)

If you’d rather not use a download manager, you can get the standalone setup file for Microsoft Office 2021 from our direct links for Office 2021 offline installer.

It’s the most up-to-date Office 2021 Retail ISO file, and it’s compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Each of these installers can be found in the “Office” folder that appears after mounting the ISO or IMG file. The ISO file for Office 2021 can take up to 5 GB to download.

Version / EditionDownload
Microsoft Office 2021 ProfessionalLink
Microsoft Office 2021 Professional PlusLink
Microsoft Office 2021 Home and BusinessLink
Microsoft Office 2021 Home and StudentLink
Microsoft Office 2021 ISO / IMG File (Direct Download Links)

Choose your favorite Edition of Office 2021 and Download Microsoft Office for Windows for free without any hassle!

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Links to Download MS Office 2021 full versions

Download Office 2021 Professional Plus [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student [4.46GB]

Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac

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